Director of Facilities - Denver International Airport - Denver International Airport

October 18, 2017

Denver International Airport

Denver, Colorado 80249

We are looking for a true leader to provide guidance to various skilled trades groups which include: plumbing, painting, carpentry, and HVAC.  In this role we are looking for someone who is comfortable using Data-Driven analytics to provide DEN leaders with business-case options and understand the logic behind priorities based-budgeting, and in advocacy of infrastructure priorities that are predicated upon mission-impact and facility-condition indices. 

The Director of Facilities Management will also function as an integral member of the Maintenance Division Senior Leadership Team and, in coordination with peer Directors, analyze efficiency, productivity, means/methods for optimal performance to recommend continual improvement options.  The SLT's focus will be divided between tactical problem-solving and managerial development (approximately 30% of the time), operational planning and programming (approximately 50% of the time), mentoring and leadership development (15% of the time). 

The following Facilities Maintenance Competencies should be part of the candidates experience base:

  • Implementation of facilities Communications Plans and Business Continuity Programs;
  • Planning at the Tactical, Operational, and Strategic levels;
  • Emergency and disaster preparedness--response management for critical infrastructure using Operational-Risk-Management (ORM) strategies;
  • Environmental Stewardship, Sustainability, and Hazardous Materials Management;
  • Budgeting, Financial Management , Return on Investment, Simple pay-back on investments
  • Real-Property Management and Reimbursable accounting for tenant organizations;
  • Peak Performance and Total Quality Management (Mission, Key-Performance-Indicators, Cascading Organizational Objective and Goal alignment)--Work-Classification/Work-request/order management; Planning, Scheduling of Routine Work, Backlog, Labor-utilization;
  • Contracts, Quality-Control/Quality-Assurance:  Understands the types of contracts available (Fixed-Price/Reimbursable/IDIQ (MATOC, SATOC) in support of Service Contract Management (Janitorial, Refuse, Grounds-Maintenance);
  • Project Management: Understands fund-source implications (O&M/CIP/Grants), Scope (Size-Scale-Complexity), Project-Definition, Design-Intent, Estimating, Scheduling (Work-Break down, Critical-Path);