Real Estate- Credit Analyst - Trinity Street Capital Partners

December 14, 2017
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Trinity Street Capital Partners

NY, New York 10006

Trinity Street Capital Partners, a boutique real estate investment bank and broker,  is currently seeking a seasoned candidate looking for a long-term career opportunity, analyzing debt and equity investment opportunities for commercial real estate transactions.   The commercial real estate underwriter will join our company in NY, NY.  This qualified candidate will be responsible for underwriting commercial real estate debt & equity transactions.

 Job Responsibilities:

  • Review debt (senior and subordinate) and equity applications. Analyze due diligence  information to make a general assessment of investment desirability.
  • Prepare credit memos; comprised of loan terms and conditions, a narrative explaining transaction background, outlining risk factors, conduct in-depth review of rent rolls, leases, balance sheets, income statements, tax returns and personal financial statements presented by applicants to assess their ability to generate income sufficient to repay  proposed debt.
  • Analyze leases, appraisals, engineering & environmental assessment reports.
  • Conduct market and neighborhood analysis.
  • Perform complicated financial analysis and valuations in Excel.
  • Monitor and coordinate transactions from application to closing.
  • Contact loan applicants (clients) and their representatives (CPA, CFO, Mortgage broker)  to obtain due diligence and clarify potential underwriting issues.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned.


Job Requirements:

Bachelor's degree in real estate development/finance, finance, accounting or economics.

  • Proficiency in Excel, MS Word, Adobe InDesign, as well as market research services.
  • Excellent presentation, listening, reading comprehension, and written communication skills.
  • 3-5 years of related experience in a credit analysis role relative to commercial real estate lending required.
  • Strong command of the English language.
  • Excellent ability to work independently, with little guidance.

Compensation and Benefits:

Salary: $55K-$75k. (Plus Bonus) (Total Comp: $75k-$125K)

Trinity Street Capital Partner is an Equal Opportunity Employer.