Director of Property Management - Sunwest Real Estate Group

January 04, 2017
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Sunwest Real Estate Group

Dallas, Texas 75254

Sunwest Real Estate Group

Director of Property Management



Sunwest Real Estate Group is a privately held, Dallas based commercial real estate company focused on the acquisition, management and leasing of commercial real estate properties.  The company operates a portfolio of office and retail properties across the DFW metroplex.   A majority of the assets are office properties owned and operated by Sunwest while others are retail and office properties operated on behalf of third party clients.

The Director of Property Management (DPM) is responsible for overall operations and performance of the property management division and focused on creating value and profitability.  The DPM sets the overall tone of the organization, suggests policy, ensures procedures are efficient and adhered to, and manages staff development of its 16 employees.  The DPM ensures the highest level of tenant and client service and integrity and is committed to upholding the company’s core values. Timely and accurate work is necessary and it is the DPM’s responsibility to ensure compliance from self and all staff. This position reports to the President.

The following list of responsibilities for the DPM position should be viewed as the minimum expectation, and not an exhaustive list. 




  • Oversee operations of all properties; providing property management teams with the necessary direction, vision and framework while ensuring compliance with all company policies and procedures.

  • Responsible for the financial performance of the property management division

  • Participation in and/or identification of corporate policies, best practices, and procedural issues in order to streamline operations and maintain the highest level of service.

  • Complete regularly scheduled audits and inspections of properties and management teams to maintain exceptional property quality and minimize operational mishaps.

  • Responsible for adherence to management agreements and partnership agreements, when applicable.

  • Create and maintain a complete property management policy and procedure manual, including periodic updates, creation of form contracts and templates for use by all properties.

  • Have an in-depth knowledge of and oversee operation of all property issues including collections, maintenance, security and life-safety systems, vendor contracts, payables and any other items pertinent to operation of the building.

  • Ensure that preventative maintenance programs are established and maintained in order to minimize equipment failure and maximize equipment efficiency.

  • Proactively identify and analyze opportunities to enhance property performance and value.

  • Conduct periodic staff meetings to ensure effective operations and communications at property level.

  • Review and approval of annual operating and capital budgets, annual operating expense reconciliations and monthly reports.

  • Review and approval of all invoices prior to payments being made.

  • Responsible for monitoring property level cash flow and ensuring availability of funds to meet property needs.



    Employee Development:

  • Responsible for overall morale and teamwork in property management division.

  • Responsible for staffing, succession planning, training and employee development for all property management and engineering staff.

  • Oversee employee growth and development including goal setting, annual reviews, performance feedback and disciplinary actions.

  • Resolve conflict with direct reports and ensure conflict is resolved at lower levels of the organization.

  • Responsible for development and maintenance of employee recognition and training programs.



Customer Service:

  • Serve as the primary point of contact with all clients and investors.Responsible for creating and maintaining excellent relationships, all client communications and resolving any client concerns.

  • Train all management and engineering personnel on providing quality customer service to ensure the highest standards of customer care are achieved.

  • Conduct tenant surveys to identify areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction in order to further enhance customer relationships and direct property team efforts.

  • Proactively respond to critical feedback from both clients and tenants and resolve escalated client or tenant issues.




  • Demonstrated ability to identify areas for process improvement and create policies and procedures to streamline operations.

  • Demonstrated ability to develop staff, lead teams, motivate people and gain respect.

  • Effective oral and written communication.

  • Ability to comprehend, analyze and interpret complex business documents, financial reports and concepts.

  • Demonstrated ability to utilize problem solving skills to achieve stated goals and objectives.

  • Excellent people skills, both upstream and downstream. Ability to balance tact and discipline.

  • Ability to create training programs for staff.

  • 10+ years of directly relevant property management experience, large company experience a plus.

  • Excellent time management skills allowing for deadlines to be met.