Lands Program Manager - Real Estate Services - Idaho Department of Lands

January 06, 2017

Idaho Department of Lands

Boise, Idaho 83720

The Department of Lands is seeking an experienced and talented individual to lead the department’s real estate program.  This position is responsible for recommending and maintaining policies and procedures that will support land transactions to increase the revenue generated for the endowed beneficiaries (including Idaho's public schools, universities and hospitals).

The successful candidate will be a proactive and collaborative leader with significant knowledge and experience in real estate transactions.  In addition, the position requires the ability to effectively communicate and work with all levels of the department, all levels of state government (including the State Board of Land Commissioners), and the various constituents involved in real estate transactions. 


  • Coordinate and manage land sale and acquisition activities.
  • Research and analyze property information for land transactions including acquisitions, dispositions, and exchanges.
  • Provide leadership and direction to staff supporting land transactions.
  • Ensure that department policies and program procedures are consistent with current market standards and practices and recommend improvement as appropriate.
  • Implement quality control/quality assurance measures to produce a high level of data integrity.
  • Audit program activities to ensure consistency of operations and to ensure efficient and effective use of appropriated funds.
  • Research the practices of other states' endowment land programs (or similar institutions) and make recommendations for process improvement and overall program improvement.
  • Participate on teams and other department work groups.
  • Represent the department on industry and interagency committees and advisory councils.

Minimum Qualifications:


  • Managing complex projects which require coordination and direction of several human and physical resources to complete work objectives; and the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Making recommendations based on an assessment of alternatives using critical thinking and research to enable upper management to make informed decisions.
  • Writing reports such as proposal evaluation documents, white papers, and presentation documents.
  • Working with various groups, individuals, and interests to develop understanding, acceptance, and support for a program.
  • Negotiating contracts, lease terms, and agreements.
  • Developing programs including establishing goals and strategic direction, budgeting and evaluating results related to administering programs requiring extensive knowledge of the concepts and theories of business administration, land use and real estate law, land entitlement processes, appraisal and marketing.
  • Interpreting and applying federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations related to real estate transactions, and land entitlement processes.

Knowledge Of:

  • Financial analysis methods relating to valuing land transactions, land management, capital purchase or other investment decisions.

Desirable Qualifications:

Some knowledge Of:

  • Quantitative methods for analyzing and valuing real estate transactions.
  • Understanding of real estate terms, definitions, scheduling, and related processes.
  • Software systems including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), especially ESRI type products, Excel, Word, and project management software.


  • Serving as a resource, leader, or manager on complex programmatic or technical issues and projects.


  • Bachelor's or Graduate degree in Business, Economics, or related major.

How to Apply:

Log into our website, complete the online job application and the required exam and follow the instructions provided in the job announcement by the closing date. You may add your resume in your online job application.

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Idaho Department of Lands!