Property Services Coordinator - Schostak Brothers & Company, Inc.

April 10, 2017
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Schostak Brothers & Company, Inc.

Detroit, Michigan 48236



The Property Services Coordinator Is accountable for providing customer service, vendor services coordination and administrative support within established standards to provide quality, effective and accurate communications, information and support services for the Commercial Properties Division (CPD) supervisory and maintenance staff.  As directed, assists in the implementation of S.B.C.I’s client/vendor contract obligations.


·         Has the primary role for implementing the standards of performance established by the PM for all office activities.

·         Directs and supervises the information flow in and out of the office to assure accurate and timely transfer of information to meet the schedule and commitments of the PM, APM, and Director of Operations (DO)

·         Is accountable for establishing and maintaining the process and procedures for recording and filing of obtained information, both verbal and written.  Maintains office and electronic files and general disposition of all media.

·         Receives, reviews and determines the distribution of incoming mail and written communication. 

·         Has the primary responsibility for telephone communications and sets the professional standards for representing the office of the CPD.  Answers and directs incoming calls from tenants, vendors and service contractors.

·         Maintains accurate up-to-date meeting and appointment schedule(s) and assures staff associates compliance with the commitments of the PM / APM / DO.

·         Implements and is accountable for the spelling, punctuation and accuracy of all letters, reports and written communications prepared for distribution from the office of the CPD.

·         Maintains and provides up-to-date reports, of various types, as determined by the PM /APM / DO for daily, weekly and monthly review.  Follows up on the receipt of needed data from staff associates and S.B.C.I. divisions.

·         Maintains current list of emergency contacts and tenant, vendor and staff telephone and email listings.

·         Maintains up-to-date property manuals, websites and electronic work order request systems for variety of administrative and operational functions.

·         Assists in coordination of building safety procedures and required safety practices drills.  Must be familiar with and capable of performing all duties assigned in the emergency procedures manual.

·         Responds to a variety of maintenance requests and coordinates service calls accordingly.  Prepares and monitors maintenance work order requests for servicing tenants and common areas.  As needed, distributes work orders to appropriate staff or outside service provider and monitors for completion. Monitors tenant service request logs daily and provides work order status reports to the PM / APM / DO as directed.

·         Prepares required meeting agendas and assembles support materials for all meetings as directed.

·         Is accountable for directing the transfer of quality, complete and accurate information within established schedules, as required, to assure client contract compliance, maximum monthly billings and collections. 

·         Is accountable for bi-monthly collection monitoring of tenant / occupant financial lease obligations as performed by SBCI Corporate collection representative and provides monthly reports updating each property’s receivables status to the PM.  As directed, creates and sends delinquency letters, conducts follow-up phone calls and reports status to PM.

·         Implements the established procedures to assure submittal of accurate and complete financial information and tenant opening and closing notifications required to the Property Management Accounting Department on schedule to permit maximum occupant monthly billings/revenues and S.B.C.I. management fees.

·         As directed, will obtain, review and recommend corrections to the PM for accuracy of the Lease Abstract’s for each tenant’s financial obligations over the term of the lease, to permit maximum monthly tenant billing and revenue collections.

·         Coordinates openings and closings of vacant suites for prospective tenants and leasing agents, as directed.

·         Assists in the preparation, submittal and implementation of an operating budget for each client property and within established guidelines.

·         As directed, implements the policies and procedures, established by the VP of Corporate Accounting, for on-site management of bank accounts, petty cash and miscellaneous income.

·         Reviews, prepares and processes purchase orders and blanket purchase orders, agreements and invoices for vendor signature and/or approval and processing by the PM / APM / DO.  Maintains accurate and up-to-date contracts binder for all property services as required. 

·         Prepares and processes check requests, supply requests and expense reports as needed.

·         Is accountable for the initial inquiry, notification and follow-up for compliance of tenant / occupant and vendor insurance obligations as required by the lease, vendor contract or S.B.C.I. policies.  Follows up on tenant / occupant and vendor compliance as needed.

·         Prepare, process and distribute temporary license agreements, storage agreements, parking agreements, satellite agreements and a variety of property forms.

·         Performs cursory building inspections and reports deficiencies to PM / APM / DO as needed.  Prepares work orders for same as applicable.

·         Will be available for special projects and / or assignments of short term responsibility, such as promotional/marketing programs, as directed by the PM.

·         Is accountable for compliance of the Human Resource Department policies / practices so as to minimize or eliminate Ownership / S.B.C.I. liability.

·         Performs a variety of services for the PM / APM / DO, as directed.


Education and / or Experience:

Two year certificate from college or technical school preferred, or equivalent training in a similar position

Three to five years experience in an office setting. 

Property Management experience preferred.


Schostak Brothers & Company, Inc. offers a full benefits package including vacation, personal and sick time off.  Please submit a resume and cover letter for consideration.