Development Project Manager - Titan Development

November 10, 2017

Titan Development

San Antonio, Texas 78216

Titan Development was founded under the belief that our investments and projects should positively impact our communities. With dedication to that core value we have manifested a portfolio of assets that illustrate our unmatched commitment to delivering quality and innovation. Our expertise has allowed us to grow into one of the Southwest’s largest and most active real estate developers. We develop and invest in real estate assets across five diverse classes: multi-family, industrial, senior living, self-storage, and opportunistic. To date, the principals of Titan Development have been involved in over 10 million square feet totaling over $2.1 billion of real estate development, inclusive of their work at Titan Development. We have a footprint in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida and South Carolina. Our current pipeline of 22 projects values at $600 million in development costs.

In 2017, Titan Development launched its first $200 million private equity real estate fund. Titan Development Real Estate Fund I is the most recent evolution in our commitment to creating growth and change across the markets in which it operates.

Each member of the Titan Development team takes great pride in the exceptional standards of our firm, a quality evident in each of our projects. We look forward to hearing from you about joining our team. 



  • Development Project Manager

Immediate Supervisor:     

  • Director of Development

Position Summary:

  • Responsible for all aspects of development management to include due diligence, underwriting, entitlement work, design and construction oversight

Job Description:

  • Manage overall project schedule including design, legal, financing, permitting, construction and licensing. Track and report on all project phases to ensure project is completed within established schedule. Make sure approved changes to the project schedule are signed off on by management.
  • Collect and negotiate all consultant fees prior to land purchase contract. Coordinate and prepare all consultant contracts prior to commencement of schematic design.
  • Manage overall design process and consultants including coordination of site diligence, architectural layout, interiors and FFE, management review/approval, meeting coordination and reporting.
  • Collaborate on early site diligence and building layouts. Coordinate with municipalities on zoning, permitting and plan review.
  • Engage drawing coordination reviews during design with architect or 3rd party reviewer. Develop drawing coordination spreadsheet to track progress and ensure drawings are adequately coordinated by 100% CD’s.
  • Coordinate with operator (where applicable) to facilitate their review of building systems and configuration during design and construction, including necessary direction and input on low voltage design. Coordinate building opening with operational ramp up.
  • Once a construction contract has been executed – establish and manage budget tracker. During construction - track all expenditures relative to the development budget to ensure projects are completed within budget. Collaborate with construction manager on RFI’s, Cost Issues and pay applications.
  • Manage expenditure of development contingency to a percentage equal to or less than percentage of work completed.


Success Factors:

  • Schedule Reporting (initiated within 60 days of start date) - implement real-time reporting of project status, schedule, open items list and action plan detailing how each will be addressed proactively:
    • Overall project schedule including design, legal, financing, construction, opening and licensing (start after signed LOI, update monthly)
    • 90 day look ahead design schedule (updated monthly)
    • Critical Path Milestones – design, entitlement, diligence (updated monthly)
    • Task list/ hurdles (Hot Items List) – design, entitlement, diligence (Updated bi-weekly)
    • Development Budget tracker (updated monthly)
  • Prior to a signed land purchase contract - confirm all diligence items from checklist have been identified including entitlements, zoning, municipal agreements, utility fees, permit fees and all other related development costs.
  • Prior to an investment memo – establish overall development budget. Include as much cost & fee information as possible in order to reduce future budget risk to project.
  • Budget Reporting (initiated within 60 days of start date):
  • Notify management within 24 hours about development budget issues that are: Greater than $100K in budget impact, a month or more of schedule impact (increase), a design change that could have a major impact on building function.
  • In the TSL biweekly development meeting, notify management of development budget issues that are: Greater than $30K in budget impact, 2 weeks or more of schedule impact (increase), a design change that could have a major impact on building function.
  • In the monthly status report, notify management monthly of development budget issues that are: less than $30K in budget impact, less than 2 weeks of schedule impact, design changes that are more administrative in nature.




  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Strong communicator – people person
  • Great time manager and very organized
  • Persistent/methodical/process oriented
  • Nimble & able to adjust on the fly
  • Commercial real estate development expert
  • Understanding of real estate finance
  • Advanced budgeting & excel skills
  • Construction knowledge and experience