Healthcare Real Estate Internship - MedSouth Healthcare Properties, LLC

October 16, 2017
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MedSouth Healthcare Properties, LLC

Charlotte, North Carolina 28210

This unpaid internship would be involved in assisting the co-founding Principal in the daily activities revolving around the life cycle for researching and acquiring medical office investment properties at MedSouth Healthcare Properties, LLC.  The role will allow the intern to get an in depth and entrepreneurial look at how this industry functions.  Be prepared to work hard - we’re not looking for a coffee gofer, we’re going to make things happen and this intern will be very involved in the whole process from start to finish.  An interview process will be conducted and the intern awarded the position will need to sign a confidentiality agreement due to the nature of our business. 


Daily duties in the acquisition life cycle to include but not limited to:

  • Investigative Ownership Research across targeted MSA’s in the Southeast
    • Ability to source ownership information via public access sites such as GIS/Tax Records/Search Engines
    • Compile Information in digital form to create a profile of the owner’s info
    • Potential site visits as needed
  • Business Development Activities
    • Sit in on calling newly acquired ownership to make introduction/determine level of interest in selling
    • If owner is interested - collect information requested on property
    • Networking and marketing to industry brokers
    • Networking and marketing to industry developers
    • Checking on deal sites for active new listings
      • LoopNet
      • Major Brokerage Firms
    • Track sales comparables in the news
    • Track commercial real estate news feeds, newsletters and magazines for leads and general industry info
    • Coming up with ideas to market to the investment/ownership community to keep MedSouth at the top of their radar screen
  • Deal Analysis
    • Receive and analyze due diligence material/data collected from prospective owner
    • Perform Underwriting of the asset based upon our proprietary model and the information given
    • Perform cross checks and verification of information
    • Perform abstracts of leases collected
      • Learn how to point out pertinent information that could be positive or detrimental to the deal
    • Perform market analysis of MSA
      • Rental Comps
      • Sales Comps
  • Deal Negotiation
    • Sit in on deal negotiation calls
  • LOI - Purchase and Sale - Due Diligence and Closing
    • If I happen to be working an active deal that goes under contract the intern will be able to see how the DD process works
    • Site visits
    • Collection and organization of a deal file to completing a sale