Redevelopment Manager - City of Englewood

October 19, 2017

City of Englewood

Englewood, Colorado 80110


The City of Englewood, Colorado is seeking a Redevelopment Manager to join the energetic team of sixteen professionals in the Community Development Department who work to ensure the sound development of an original suburb of Denver.  Our group is dedicated to the development and improvement of Englewood as a vibrant, full-service small city that is being transformed through investments in transportation, housing and business.  Englewood is home to over 32,000 residents, a strong employer base, diverse housing choices and access to two regional light rail stations that are a 20-minute ride from downtown Denver.

Englewood is a built-out community with a distinctive history and a small city character within the larger Denver metropolitan area.  With the newly adopted “Englewood Forward” Comprehensive Plan and a new economic development approach as guideposts, the community is poised to capitalize on its strong economy, desirable location, and increased investment interest.  The Redevelopment Manager will be a key member of our development team that works with property owners and investors to facilitate the reuse and revitalization of commercial/industrial areas of the community.  Come join us and have an impact in shaping Englewood’s future.


The Redevelopment Manager will be responsible for attracting new private real estate investment to areas within Englewood that require redevelopment, which could include public/private partnerships to facilitate transformation of commercial districts.  The position will also be responsible for coordinating redevelopment initiatives that may be implemented by the Englewood Urban Renewal Authority.

The Redevelopment Manager will represent the City of Englewood in business related to redevelopment/development and land use matters, participate in public meetings and lead complex negotiations for property transactions, public financing and public/private development projects.  The Manager will also prepare and present reports for public agencies and businesses regarding current and proposed City of Englewood redevelopment projects and programs.  The position includes a membership with the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and may include other professional organizations as warranted.


The following listed examples of work identify the general duties of the Redevelopment Manager.  The duties and responsibilities of the positon may be modified as necessary and as development conditions in the community change over time.

  • Under the direction of the Community Development Department Director, the Redevelopment Manager is responsible for originating and implementing the City’s redevelopment projects and programs.  A particular emphasis is placed on recruiting new real estate investment in the commercial and industrial areas of the community.
  • Establish cooperative partnerships with the existing business community, real estate developers, property owners, and other local/regional public and private sector organizations to facilitate redevelopment activities.
  • Coordinate and prepare financial information, real estate pro forma, technical reports, other reports and analyses, and project budgets.
  • Cultivate effective contacts with and meet potential investors, property owners and tenants to secure their participation in redevelopment projects.
  • Coordinate and provide recommendations regarding redevelopment project activities including real estate acquisition and disposition, tenant relocation, demolition, building construction and rehabilitation, property management, and public improvements.
  • Develop and maintain a database of vacant and underutilized commercial/industrial buildings and properties that have redevelopment potential.
  • Conduct required planning, demographic and market analyses to support redevelopment initiatives.
  • Coordinate and proactively partner with other departments and City of Englewood staff who perform duties required to facilitate redevelopment activities, and work to ensure the progress of redevelopment projects.


  • Develop options to leverage private investment through strategic public investment in redeveloping areas.  Explore the formation of public/private partnerships for key redevelopment projects.
  • Ensure that redevelopment activities in the community maintain and increase the City’s retail, commercial and industrial tax base while enhancing the diversity and sustainability of the local economy.
  • Maintain and expand a base of knowledge regarding various public financing and non-monetary incentive mechanisms to facilitate new investment in the community.
  • Serve as a staff member to and coordinator of the Englewood Urban Renewal Authority.
  • Assist the Community Development Department Director in establishing department goals and priorities, and serve as a member of the department’s management team.
  • Represent the City at public hearings, community meetings and professional conferences.
  • Recruit and oversee the work of consultants and outside professional service providers on redevelopment initiatives that require such assistance.
  • Provide the excellent customer service expected of all Community Development Department and City of Englewood employees.


Education:  BA or BS degree in real estate, city/urban planning, economics, business administration, public administration, or related field required.  An advanced degree is highly desirable.

Work Experience:  A minimum of six years of increasingly responsible experience administering redevelopment, real estate, economic development or land use planning projects or programs, with a minimum of four years of project management experience.  Experience associated with initiating and facilitating complex redevelopment projects in the public or private sector is highly desirable.


Advanced Knowledge of:

  • Real estate development process and practice
  • Real estate finance
  • Public finance
  • Project negotiation and facilitation
  • Local and state redevelopment regulations, including urban renewal
  • Project management

Working Knowledge of:

  • Applications software for an office environment and real estate project modeling
  • Municipal development regulations and processes
  • Municipal budgeting
  • Land use planning and design

Skills and Abilities:

Computer Skills – Strong computer skills needed to prepare and maintain reports, databases, spreadsheets, development pro forma and presentations.

Analytical – Strong skills needed to analyze real estate redevelopment opportunities, partnerships and programs.  Ability to compile data and facilitate decision making regarding redevelopment opportunities.

Communication – Advanced customer service skills needed to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the real estate development community, property owners, Englewood community members, board/commission members, consultants and other public agencies.  Must be committed to working in a collaborative, highly interactive and team-oriented environment within the department and with other City of Englewood departments.

Project Management – Strong skills needed to create, facilitate and implement the City of Englewood’s redevelopment programs as well as individual redevelopment projects, including public/private partnerships.

General Management – Demonstrated skills to assist in the management of the Community Development Department’s annual and strategic work programs and the administrative budget.

Mathematical – Skills needed to accurately develop and model real estate project development options and scenarios.

Working Conditions:

Work is primarily performed in a standard office environment and occasionally in the field and/or at outside office locations.  The position requires visual and physical capabilities to perform work on computers and associated equipment throughout the workday.