Engineer 3 - Urban Renaissance Group, LLC

October 20, 2017

Urban Renaissance Group, LLC

Seattle, Washington 98101

Come be a part of Urban Renaissance Group - a full service commercial real estate firm!

About URG:
URG is a Seattle-based full-service commercial real estate company, engaged in acquisitions, development, asset management, leasing, property management and ownership in Seattle, Bellevue, Denver and Portland.

URG's majority investor is the Joshua Green Corporation, creating a deep thread of commitment to the greater PNW that runs through every area of the company. Because development and asset investment tend to present their best opportunities in different parts of the economic cycle, this new combination of companies provides URG with a dynamic and balanced portfolio of opportunities and an ability to optimize real-estate investment across all parts of the building lifecycle.

URG is experiencing steady growth in all facets of our platform, including the acquisition of Touchstone, a Seattle-based development company, in December of 2014 and the acquisition of the operating platform of Langley Investment Properties, a Portland-based real estate company. Our operating platform now totals over 10 million square feet, supported by over 160 employees.

We are looking for motivated, customer-oriented individuals to add value to our team, provide support to our expanding platform, and join us in leading the way for the renaissance of Urban America.


Under the supervision of the Chief Engineer or his delegate the Senior Engineer 2 (hereafter referred to as SE3) will perform duties that do not require the full proficiencies of an ACE1, however more than a SE2.  The SE3 supports the implementation and documentation of all required safety programs as well as engineering standards, operational procedures, and industry guidelines. The SE3 will take on more responsibility and autonomy and must possess excellent communication skills.  This position will involve the use of more complex tools and systems. The SE3 will be tasked with more delegated authority and responsibility and as such must be able to perform the tasks assigned with minimal supervision.  The SE3 will be tasked with utilizing detailed documentation and communication.  The SE3 will accountable for adherence to all codes, rules, and regulations including but is not limited to Federal, State, local, and site specific standards, policies, and protocols.



  • Supervising the maintenance and housekeeping of all mechanical, electrical, and work areas, this includes surface cleaning equipment as well as facility structures.

  • Strong plumbing skills such as installation, adjustment, and repair of restroom plumbing equipment such as faucets (manual and auto) flushometers (manual and auto), drain and trap repairs as well as the ability to cut and solder piping as well as use compression fittings (manual and auto) as well as the trouble shooting and repair of building wide systems such as potable water, grey water and septic systems

  • Supervise the coordination of building inventories including all critical parts, supplies, and equipment from approved vendors including researching, out sourcing, placing orders and tracking orders and invoices with the use of the purchase order system. This includes periodic pricing comparisons to ensure best vendor/supplier pricing.

  • Supervise and assist in the maintenance and repairs to property HVAC, plumbing, and electrical equipment as well as the building structure.

  • Perform miscellaneous tasks assigned by supervisor or their delegate including supervision of designated reports, contractors, and inspectors.

  • Foster an attitude that promotes safety, energy conservation, and the continuous improvement of engineering functions.This includes but is not limited to ensuring that all BAS/DDC systems are running on schedule and at peak seasonal efficiencies.Formal training required.

  • Assist with the building operational audits, inspections, and walkthroughs.

  • As required, make all appropriate daily entries and records all pertinent data in Building Engines.This may include the addition of new or replaced equipment, updated documents and attachments, and log historical data to ensure each individually tracked piece of equipment has all applicable data attached.

  • Perform administrative duties in accordance to departmental policies, procedures, and standards.This may include, but is not limited to the supervision of the lock out / tag out functions without supervision and make regular reports to the Chief Engineer or the appointed delegate.

  • Function as a responsible, objective team leader and mentor to junior staff.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to provide industry leading quality customer service and instill these qualities in others team members through example and direction.

  • Comply with all applicable codes, policies, and procedures.

  • Comply with facility specific safety program including utilizing the LOTO system.

  • Maintains regular workplace attendance.

  • Provides the highest level quality of service and professionalism to tenants, staff, and visitors at all times.

  • Effectively utilize communications tools (such as email, messaging, two way radio, written, and verbal) with the Chief Engineer, or a designated delegate, Management, and other team members including vendors.

  • Understand the company’s policies, manuals, and mission statement to participate as a team leader and member supporting all efforts to achieve organizational goals.

  • Strictly follow all environmental safety, hazardous material handling, and personal protection rules and regulations set forth by The Property, URG, and Local, State, Federal and International regulations.This is including but not limited Asbestos, Mold, and HAZMAT awareness as well as being able to read and understand the SDS system.

  • Utilizing the URG Safety Manual to identify the correct ladder or man lift for the job and use it correctly. Perform an inspection on safety equipment such as, but not limited to, eye wash stations, emergency shower stations, and first aid kit.

  • Complete all required and elective safety training before the assigned deadline.All safety training course evaluation testing (both digital and analog) must be passed according to the grading structure set forth in the provided material.

  • Possess the ability to understand and explain the operation of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as well as operate in manual, auto, LOTO, and program.

  • A thorough knowledge of energy conservation strategies such as lighting controls, demand utility usage, and proper HVAC scheduling.Formal knowledge required.

  • The ability to use a line drawing and physically trace out the power distribution, condenser water, hydronic loops, and sprinkler systems for a building.

  • The ability to read and interpret HVAC measurement devices such as gauges, compound gauges, and sight glasses.

  • The ability to perform a complete comfort call including but not limited to taking space temperature, humidity, and air flow readings.Understand and explain the sequence of operation of end user equipment.

  • Inspect and clean re-heat coils as well as heat exchanger coils.

  • Expertise in troubleshooting building systems and their components.This may include boilers, AHU’s, chillers, cooling towers, hydronic systems, split systems, and blowers.

  • Management and monitoring of water treatment systems, this includes testing, logging, and reporting.

  • Assist in the management of utility tracking and Energy Star.

  • Assist in the management of the refrigeration control system.

  • Possess strong electrical diagnostic skills including but not limited to explaining power factors and harmonics in a power distribution system, assist in the oversight of switchgear, maintenance, interpret an infrared study, and run complete diagnostic check on a motor (megger, amp draw, and bearing assessment).

  • Have the ability to generate electrical load calculations as required.

  • Provide formal safety, technical, and administrative training to the team.



Understand Company’s policy manual and mission statement, participating as a staff member to support all of the efforts to achieve organizational goals.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Strong computer proficiencies such as word Microsoft Office (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation etc.) Building Engines (work order and tenant management) and email usage are critical as well the ability to operate the property BAS/EMS system.

  • The ability to utilize the Building Engine software efficiently.This includes running reports to gather requested data, add/remove equipment, schedules adjustments, and administrative subroutines.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Experience that is commensurate with the specific facility for the position of SE3.

  • Certification meeting OSHA/ACM awareness training requirements.

  • Possess a Washington State Labor and Industries 07 electrical training card with the intent to accumulate enough hours to pass the 07 test and become a licensed, journeyman 07 electrician.

  • Possess the EPA Universal Refrigerant License.

  • Possess a City of Seattle Grade IV Boiler fireman Licensee.

  • Possess a City of Seattle Refrigeration License.