Facilities Business Analyst - mary kay inc.

December 05, 2017

mary kay inc.

dallas, Texas 75074

Job Purpose
Responsible for maintaining and analyzing facilities-related data with the objective of improving the value and financial performance of Company owned and leased facilities through recommended strategic and tactical action.
  • Sources data related to real estate values and facility operating costs to provide Facilities with pertinent impact macro- and micro-analyses of general economic and Company-specific factors, conditions and trends. Data is compiled in a manner providing for multi-dimensional analysis of data, such as geographical location and facility type. Additionally, responsible for internal system for storing and reporting on all leased and owned facilities. Performs special analysis projects as requested by management to aid in analyzing and improving Company programs and strategies. Analyzes output by evaluating trends, historical relationships, benchmarking, variance analysis and other factors that may present the opportunity for cost reductions and/or value improvement.
  • Keeps abreast of Company strategic objectives to ensure that recommendations are compatible with those objectives and are presented to Facilities Management as well as senior/executive management. Enhances and assists in preparing, developing, implementing and analyzing facilities-related data on a global, regional, market and facility-specific basis to assist in the development of broad-based strategic initiatives impacting the Company real estate portfolio.
  • Collects all operating expenses for the largest facilities in portfolio for purposes of extrapolation, trending, and reporting historical and expected real estate costs, to include depreciation and leasehold improvements for owned facilities as well as rent costs on leased facilities. Prepares and presents region-specific real estate analysis to include local market comparable real estate rates and trends. Understand the impact of fluctuating FX rates and the importance of countering these effects.
  • Develops annual budget for natural gas, electricity and water for DFW facilities and provides quarterly updates for adjusted estimates. Uses historical consumption data along with input and cooperation of other key members of the department to determine initiatives impacting future consumption and to arrive at a forecasted number that will ultimately result in planned costs. Oversees the tracking of all utilities consumption and expenditures. Partners with Procurement to secure negotiated rates of unregulated utilities for the Dallas-based facilities to include contract terms, rates and negotiation for natural gas and electricity.
  • Assists Division management with special projects, such as financial and operational analysis related to tactical real estate transactional decisions (site selection, buy vs. lease, etc.) by gathering data from various sources and formatting in chart, graph or text form for presentation to management. Prepares financial analysis related to multi-faceted corporate real estate scenarios, including but not limited to, acquisitions, dispositions or modifications of leased or owned sites. Assists in the preparation of recommendations to senior/executive management. This requires knowledge of various data available (general economic, industry-specific, and facility-specific).
  • Involved with real estate-specific organizations to increase knowledge of corporate real estate, development of corporate real estate best practices and exposure to current issues facing the industry. Works with facility management-specific organizations to develop building management best practices and participate in knowledge sharing events. Participates in programs designed to improve building management procedures and award designations for continued successes.
  • Collects, tracks and reports electricity, water and waste consumption for the largest facilities and measure changes to reflect results of sustainability initiatives. Working with appropriate internal personnel as well as consultants, tracks the effects of the Company’s carbon footprint reductions due to implementation of sustainability initiatives, utility consumption reduction and increased efficiency.
  • Works with Finance to validate operating and capital expense data and other financial factors used in the development of recommendations as well as tracking departmental fixed assets.
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Operations Research, or Finance. MBA and/or Real Estate Finance major are preferred.
3-5 years of previous experiences should include statistical modeling and economic analysis techniques, business intelligence (Tableau, Qlik, Visual Manager, etc) and applications in a corporate real estate environment.
  • Skill set should include high proficiency, advanced formulation, charts/graphs creation, in use of MS Excel and PowerPoint. Proficient skills in MS Access programming and analysis is preferred.
  • Working knowledge of commercial real estate leases and acquisition and disposition agreements.
  • Good communication skills are required to gather data from personnel in various departments and to assist in preparing recommendations.
  • Analytical, forecasting and modeling skills to analyze and improve Company programs and strategies and to evaluate trends, historical relationships, variance analysis and other factors that may present the opportunity for cost reductions and/or value improvement.
  • Knowledge of facilities and environmental compliance to procure unregulated utilities for the Dallas-based facilities to include contract terms, rates and negotiation for natural gas and electricity, collect, track and report electricity, water and waste consumption and to conduct financial and operational analyses related to tactical real estate transactional decisions.
  • Negotiation skills to source, negotiate, manage and process utility contracts.