Sr. Commercial Real Estate Analyst - DBRS Inc

January 11, 2018


Chicago, Illinois 60606

The position is in the commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) group in Chicago.  The CMBS group is responsible for rating and monitoring bonds secured by commercial real estate loans.

The successful candidate will have a minimum of 3 years of experience in a commercial real estate finance related field. The analyst should hold a degree in finance, real estate or a related area. The individual must be able to work in a fast paced environment with an analytical mind and an attention to detail. The candidate will be highly poised and possess excellent interpersonal and presentation skills. In addition, candidates must possess a high degree of proficiency in Excel as well as the intellectual curiosity to develop new applications and to perform complex analyses. Well-developed writing skills are also required. All necessary documents are required for domestic and international travel.

Candidate Responsibilities:

  • Act as the lead analyst and manage the process of rating US CMBS transactions while maintaining compliance with DBRS Policies and Procedures. 
  • Determine DBRS stabilized net cash flows for all property types, a variety of loan sizes ($2 million to $1 billion) and unique loan structures including holdbacks and future funding components based on property performance and market dynamics.  
  • Conduct market research and financial analysis for rating committees, investor meetings and conferences. 
  • Conduct site inspections of all major property types on a nationwide basis. 
  • Compose detailed Presale reports distributed to investors containing the culmination of research and analysis. 
  • Provide credit analysis and use quantitative models to assess credit worthiness for multi-loan pooled transactions as well as single-borrower transactions. 
  • Present loan level analysis, quantitative results and provide recommendations to the credit committee. 
  • Assist senior members of the team to develop reports for investors and for presentations to be delivered at conferences. 
  • Serve as a mentor for junior members of the team.
  • Respond to client and colleague inquiries regarding methodologies, analysis and research.