Asset Management - Gehr Hospitality, LLC

December 26, 2017

Gehr Hospitality, LLC

Los Angeles, California 90067

Gehr Hospitality, a subsidiary of The Gehr Group, is a privately owned hospitality-focused investment firm based in Los Angeles, California.  Gehr Hospitality and its affiliates own a wide range of hotel, nightlife, residential, and commercial real estate assets throughout the United States. Founded in 1965 by Norbert Gehr, The Gehr Group’s principal business units are engaged in international trade, real estate, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution. Gehr Hospitality is seeking a seasoned Hotel Asset Manager to oversee the firm’s hospitality assets and all facets of their operations.

  1. Monitor the Hotel Portfolio:

    • Accountable for all aspects of each hotel’s performance.

    • Financial analysis, performance tracking and ongoing review of all data and documents such as STR data, revenue management data, forecast, and financial statements.

    • Monthly reviews with all hotels in order to discuss monthly data and the strategies to improve performance.

    • Assess, develop and implement value enhancement opportunities for each hotel.

    • Responsible for ensuring that property specific compliance requirement is completed including accounting and monthly reporting of financial statements, third party lender requirements, local taxing and zoning authorities. Also responsible for supporting both internal and external counsel, accountants and other consultants in property specific issues that may occur.

    • Evaluate physical condition and anticipated capital requirements.

    • Ensure legal compliance (health codes, life-safety, employment, ADA, etc.)

    • Develop and implement short term, intermediate and long term strategies to improve the value of the portfolio.


  2. Contracts:

    • Retain appraisers, environmental consultants, engineering consultants as appropriate.

    • Ensure franchise services are provided and billed properly.

    • Ensure management contract compliance.

    • Negotiate third party contracts with third party service providers, vendors, maintenance contracts, etc.


  3. Capital Expenditures and Renovations:

    • Create long-term capital expenditure plans.

    • Oversee major capital improvement and renovation projects.

    • Responsible for budgeting, contract negotiation and implementation.

    • Evaluate impact on profitability/value from discretionary expenditures.

    • Review and approve capital budgets and spending requests from each property.


  4. Monitor Market Competitiveness:

    • Maintain a thorough understanding of all factors affecting hotel markets and submarkets associated with the portfolio.

    • Track occupancy and average rate trends for the sub-markets/competitive sets.

    • Track new properties being considered for development.

    • Monitor demand generators for significant increases/decreases.


Key Technical Skills, Experience and Essential Qualifications: 

  • No less than 7-10 years of relevant experience in the hotel industry.

  • Proven experience in operations, finance, accounting, budgeting, market monitoring, and monthly reporting.

  • Well organized, detail-oriented, flexible, confident, analytical, technical and resourceful.

  • Strong writing and oral communication skills.

  • Effective interpersonal skills and ability to interact with diverse personality types.

  • Ability to work well under pressure with compressed project time frames.

  • Proactive, hardworking, dedicated and a self-starter.

  • Willing and able to travel.