Acquisitions Associate - SANTE Realty Investments

January 08, 2018
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SANTE Realty Investments

Chandler, Arizona 85226

Acquisitions Associate

SANTÉ Realty Investments – Acquisitions Team

Desired Skills & Experience

SANTÉ Realty Investments only hires world-class talent who are driven and exemplify outstanding character. The ideal candidate for this position has experience conducting detailed analysis of investment real estate and is a detail-oriented person by nature.
Candidate is able to work remotely and/or telecommute. Thus, you must be a hands-on, self-starter, & entrepreneurial professional with the ability to hit the ground running. You will already have well-developed communication (verbal & written) and organizational skills.

Job Description
SANTÉ Realty Investments is seeking a seasoned individual for the position of Multifamily Acquisitions Associate. The perfect candidate will have a proven track record of successful endeavors and roles with a strong desire for a career in real estate investing.
Responsibilities Include:
• Underwrite potential multi-family acquisition targets using proprietary APOD financial
analysis workbook
• Recommend property acquisition structures using SANTE Realty’s capabilities and
guidelines to executive committee
• Conduct detailed due diligence on target acquisitions to ensure accurate underwriting of
as-is and projected property financials
• Contact local area experts to ensure revenue and expense projections are accurate and
defendable to key stakeholders
• Collaborate with in-house Treasurer and mortgage broker(s) to ensure right fit
capitalization for new acquisitions
• Coordinate with in-house Development Services team to ensure scope of value-add
renovations post-closing is aligned and properly accounted for in property financial
• Coordinate with in-house Investor Relations team to ensure target properties and their
projections are aligned to investor expectations including IRR hurdles, payback period, etc
• Coordinate with in-house Operations team to ensure smooth transition from acquisitions
process to operational take-over of each property
• Engage and direct third-party consultants to perform detailed property condition
assessments and provide resulting recommendations to executive team including
concession requests for seller(s)
• Visit target properties and determined comparables for in-person due diligence and
• Any other duties and responsibilities as assigned
• Bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business, accounting, or similar field
• MBA or Master’s degree in real estate is preferred
• Project management skills important
• Experience in reviewing legal documents and work closing with internal and outside counsel related to property acquisitions
• Minimum of 3-4 years of experience underwriting income property performance analysis in detailed financial & cash-flow modeling
• Must have a positive friendly attitude
• Real estate knowledge/experience required
Work performed in a general office environment. Requires extended hours during peak periods.

Key Performance Indicators:
1. Acquisitions pipeline of new investments always has at least $30 million in potential transactions
2. Acquisitions team analyzes at least 35 potential investment properties per month
3. Average time invested per property analyzed is less than 4 hours
4. SANTE Realty’s brokerage commissions are no less than 2.0% of each asset purchased
5. SANTÉ Realty acquired at least $15 million of properties each calendar quarter

Company Description
At SANTÉ Realty Investments, we believe in taking the complexity out of traditionally hard-to-understand components in real estate investing such as taxation issues, operational complexities and complicated legal issues to provide a simple solution for our clients to enjoy the benefits of passive income.
Our team of commercial professionals provides consistent high-yield returns on United States real estate investments for our investors. Having extensive experience as principals in real estate investments, SANTÉ Realty helps its clients invest in U.S. real estate in an easy and straight-forward manner.
SANTÉ Realty Investments’ Core Values: