Senior Property Manager - 300 South Tryon - The Spectrum Companies

January 29, 2018
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The Spectrum Companies

Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

The Senior Property Manager for 300 South Tryon will be responsible for running a world-class, mixed-use project with “Sophisticated, Southern Style.” 


Key Responsibilities 

  1. Leading an on-site team that delivers exceptional results in all areas.  Helping all team members be great at their job.   Building a “team-oriented” culture. 

  1. Being out on the property making quality happen (not in the office most of the time). 

  1. Developing a fun and effective relationship with the key people for each tenant in the building.  Insuring that we are hearing their thoughts and suggestions. 

  1. Developing a solid management plan and budget annually for approval by Barings Real Estate Advisers.   

  1. Working this plan, while insuring effective communication from the team with Dave Romano. 

  1. Insuring first class reporting monthly for the project. 

  1. Selecting the best external vendors for the project and managing those relationships with quality. 

  1. Being prepared for emergency situations and handling those situations well. 

  1. Being a leader for Spectrum, cooperating with the corporate team and assisting other teams as needed. 


Key Skills Needed 

  1. Strong leadership skills 

  1. Customer based thinking skills 

  1. Time management and delegation skills 

  1. Technology savvy 

  1. Ability to be a team player  


Desired Qualifications 

  1. College degree with solid grades and performance 

  1. Experience running a high-rise office building 

  1. Experience with LEED issues 

  1. Experience with owner selected software 

  1. 8-10 years of experience 


Other Areas 

  1. Insure creativity and thoroughness in running the outdoor micro-tile screen, as well as the external lighting program. 

  1. Participate in owner meetings and visits and prepare as needed. 

  1. Participate in growing Spectrum’s fun team culture. 

  1. Inspect quality in every area of the project.