Senior Associate, ULI Colorado - Urban Land Institute

January 30, 2018

Urban Land Institute

Denver, Colorado 80202

The Senior Associate is the junior position on a close-knit, collaborative, hardworking, and fun-loving staff of four serving ULI Colorado’s 1,200 members and the greater community of Colorado commercial real estate, design, engineering, and land use planning sectors. The ideal candidate will be a tactful “people person” with a passion for and basic professional and educational background in ULI’s core issues of urban sustainability. These include the following: the revitalization of cities and towns, the creation of compact walkable communities, affordable housing, sustainable design and planning, healthy places, equitable revitalization, and urban resilience in the face of climate change and natural hazards. Familiarity with the fundamentals of real estate and land use policy is a plus; creativity, an excellent work ethic, attention to detail, and strong writing/communications skills are a must.

ULI is a business organization with a mission to create leadership in responsible land use, but it is not a trade organization. Its members represent 26 different professions related to land use. The Senior Associate will work closely with leaders in such fields as real estate development, architecture, planning, government, engineering, general contracting, law, and finance. The job will require intense learning, a fast pace, and an opportunity to expand professional and personal horizons.

BASIC FUNCTION: The Senior Associate is a professional position within the district council. As an integral part of the district council team, the Senior Associate will be critical to create successful programs for education, leadership, mentoring, awards, and advisory services. Core skills include event planning, the management of volunteer-led programs, writing, public speaking, and general communications, accounting, and office management. The Senior Associate position offers the opportunity to be creative, to innovate, and to contribute to the content development of an organization that is continually incubating and testing new ideas and putting them into practice.

The Senior Associate serves as a professional liaison between the district council, ULI headquarters, and Colorado’s real estate, planning, and development professionals. The Senior Associate is one of the faces of the district council—members call the Senior Associate first for assistance and information, so it is imperative that he or she be courteous, patient, and friendly. The position requires the Senior Associate to travel to district council events throughout the state and attend meetings, events, and programs in the early mornings or evenings. The Senior Associate often supports other staff members across various projects, while also managing some programs on his or her own.

The Senior Associate serves as a resource for ULI Colorado’s 20-member executive committee and for 15 district council committees, interacting with them to ensure that all work is consistent with the Institute’s policies and procedures and that ULI Colorado’s goals and objectives are met. The Senior Associate works closely with the Executive Director to maintain administrative, financial, and office operations of the district council, including membership, sponsorship, programs, communications, and community outreach. The Senior Associate also works closely with the Senior Manager and Manager to ensure effective operations in advisory services, research, written content, and programming.


The position responsibilities fall into four basic categories: programming, marketing/ communications, member relations, and fiscal/operational:


  • Plays a key role in the creation and administration of 40-plus programs a year, including panel discussions, project tours, leadership events, sponsor-only events, salons, mentorship programs, and a biennial awards program. These programs range in size from 20 to 500 attendees.
  • Under the direction of the Senior Manager and other staff, manages and executes the meeting planning and production tasks needed to ensure that member-produced events, for both the district council and for the Young Leaders Group, are delivered in a professional manner, including but not limited to: contract management for all third-party contractors, room setup and audiovisual, printing and processing name badges, mailing thank-you letters, final registration of attendees, post-event “tally sheets,” processing event-specific invoices, and general event logistics.
  • Assists in developing and maintaining vendor relationships, sourcing appropriate suppliers for catering, audiovisual equipment, or IT in support of district council events.
  • Manages all Young Leader committees, event programming, and mentorship programs, including the Partnership Forum, to ensure district council Young Leaders receive the support they need to become successful professionals and proponents of ULI’s ideals.
  • Directs the Etkin Johnson Student Scholarship program to create a bridge for undergraduate and graduate students to become involved with ULI, nurturing the next generation of ULI members and spreading the district council’s influence in academic circles.
  • Supports the annual sponsors and event sponsors of ULI Colorado through sponsor-only programs such as lunches and insider project tours.



  • Works with staff and the Marketing and Communications Committee to produce and manage distribution of district council collateral materials, including weekly e-marketing and news blasts, printed materials for events including event programs and flyers, and monthly ads in the Colorado Real Estate Journal.
  • Manages biweekly eNews e-blast, including content and curating a list of 3,500 recipients to receive news of ULI Colorado events and activities.
  • Manages updates to the district council website, using ULI’s content management systems, including, but not limited to, current leadership and committee information, membership information, existing mentorship programs and initiatives, marketing for upcoming events, news related to district council initiatives, members in the news, and other pertinent activities.
  • Manages social media presences on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Curates the ULI Colorado blog, updating and periodically writing content regarding land use issues in Denver, past and upcoming programming, and other items that are of interest to our members.
  • Capable of representing the district council through public speaking and participation at ULI programs, committee meetings, task forces, and meetings with ULI partner organizations and agencies.


Member Relations:

  • Manages distribution of correspondence to members and nonmembers.
  • Directs membership and event-related questions and inquiries, including membership renewals, requests from members to get involved, attend events, or learn more about the organization.
  • Supports standing committees and other working groups as needed, including recording, writing, and distributing committee meeting minutes. Manages committee meeting calendar invitations and distribution lists.
  • Accesses member and nonmember records to create analyses for membership, sponsorship, attendance, and budget patterns for forecasting short- and long-term goals.
  • Manages registration at ULI Colorado events and recruits and facilitates volunteers.



  • Manages and maintains district council operations including, but not limited to, supplies and equipment, files, databases, records, calendars, inventories, and other district council resources and equipment and maintenance as needed.
  • Works with the Executive Director and Managers to prepare budgets and recertification plans.
  • Manages the activities of a third-party contractor in administering NetForum (member and event data program) input from the district council, including, but not limited to, committee assignments, complimentary event passes for registration of members of the press, speakers, sponsors, and other dignitaries.
  • Manages the activities of a third-party contractor in processing and managing accounts payable and receivable for all activities associated with the district council, including, but not limited to, sponsorships, programs, membership, community outreach, book orders, supplies, etc., not to surpass 20 hours per month. Manages program and event budgets, including the oversight of revenues and expenses to ensure that events align with the organization’s annual forecasts.
  • Tracks expenses to improve budgetary performance.
  • Works directly with ULI Colorado’s staff and volunteer treasurer to ensure and monitor fiscal health; and to prepare documents for annual budget recertification and reforecasting.
  • Performs other administrative, marketing, and communications duties and projects as required, to contribute to a team effort.



Maintains daily relationship with district council staff and works directly with staff at ULI headquarters, and disseminates information to applicable parties and departments, including membership, meeting production, finance, and customer service teams. Occasional travel to national meetings and events.


Daily direct work with ULI members, including certain Advisory Board members serving in key committee leadership positions, members, member firms, sponsors, prospects, vendors, collaborative partner organizations, and consultants.


  • BA/BS required, and related nonprofit experience preferred.
  • Two to four years of work experience preferred.
  • Interest/experience in real estate, land use, placemaking, sustainability, and other core ULI topics.
  • Professional oral and written communication and interpersonal skills to work with senior business and public sector executives.
  • Ability to initiate and prioritize tasks and handle multiple tasks concurrently and completely with responsible follow-through and minimal supervision.
  • Ability to provide courteous customer service and professional relationships with coworkers in a fast-paced environment.
  • Self-motivated, demonstrating meticulous attention to both details and deadlines.
  • Proven project and office management skills, including creative problem-solving.
  • Aptitude for financial management and budgeting, with outstanding attention to detail.
  • Meeting and event coordination skills.
  • Ability to attend early morning and evening events is required.
  • Demonstrated proficiency/skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint); knowledge of and competency with a graphics, Illustrator, Photoshop, or communications software a plus.
  •  Familiarity and proficiency with web-based tools, such as content management systems or internet-based tools for updating and publishing content to a dynamic website.
  • Ability to travel to events throughout the region.
  • Use of personal vehicle required for local travel.
  • Occasional travel to national meetings and events.