Leasing Agent - Aulder Capital

February 07, 2018
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Aulder Capital

Levittown, Pennsylvania

ZPM Management is looking for a leasing agent for its properties in the Levittown area.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


  • Professionally photograph the property
  • Work with marketing team to advertise and market the property 
  • Show the properties to prospective renters
  • know Thoroughly the properties and their strengths
  • Identify the strongest prospective renters for the property
  • Follow up with prospective renters
  • Prepare and execute leases in accordance with our corporate standards and regulations
  • Conduct credit checks and other background checks to qualify prospects
  • Collect application fees, security depots and rent payments
  • Inform residents of any changes to the rental agreements or any changes in the property



  • Strong sales skills
  • Proven high closing percentage
  • Excellent communication and problem solving and skills
  • Strong Multitasking ability


  • 3+ years’ experience in leasing
  • Experience with class B type properties
  • Strong knowledge of the real estate industry
  • Driver’s license and car
  • Ability to work evenings and weekends