Lead Technical Engineer - Brookfield Properties

March 05, 2018
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Brookfield Properties

Los Angeles, California 90017



Brookfield Properties is a leading owner, operator and developer of office and multifamily assets.  Our signature office properties define the skyline of dynamic cities around the world, including gateway cities such as Los Angeles, Denver, London, Berlin, Toronto, and Sydney.  




Assist the engineering team with responsible, safe and efficient operation of all mechanical/ electrical/plumbing equipment, BAS controls, and distribution panels used to provide heat, air conditioning, ventilation and electrical power service as directed by Chief Engineer and Assistant Chief Engineer.


  • Maintain proper tenant relations through prompt and courteous response tenant/management requests within the established and understood Brookfield policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Performs general service, repair, maintenance, testing and operations of the HVAC equipment under the supervision and direction of the Chief Engineer and Assistant Chief Engineer.
  • Monitors systems for potential problems (or existing problems) and formulates solutions to be presented to the Chief Engineer and Assistant Chief Engineer for appropriate action.
  • Make repairs, adjustments and changes to HVAC and related equipment to maintain established Brookfield policies and procedures not limited to the following:
    • Chiller and reheat system temperature adjustments.
    • Building environmental controls.
    • Thermostats.
    • Outdoor air intake and exhaust systems.
    • Duct dampers and splitters.
    • Damper motors and operators.
    • Air handler motor, sheave, belt and pulley, service, repair and maintenance adjustments.
    • Related Fire Life Safety device interface and routine code compliance understanding.
  • Assists in training of all personnel in operation and maintenance procedures involved within the property operations.
  • Operation of building emergency systems (i.e. emergency generator, fire pumps, Fire Command Center, etc.) and assist in managing the XL Gaps and Brookfield standards and policies.
  • Performs all lighting repair or replacement needs.
  • Service, repair and maintenance of electrical systems.
  • Rigging and hoisting heavy equipment parts with various property provided equipment.
  • Operates watch shift independently, as necessary.
  • Maintains ethical, professional, and courteous relations with contractors.
  • Acts as a team member and fostering cooperative environment with all fellow employees of the engineering staff, property management, security, janitorial and parking staff.
  • Comply with all the established Brookfield policies and procedures.
  • Maintain the integrity and cleanliness of all mechanical areas.
  • Assume additional responsibilities in a safe code compliant manner as delegated by the Chief Engineer and Assistant Chief Engineer.



  • Minimum of 5 years of building operation and maintenance preferred.
  • High School Diploma.
  • E.P.A. #608 Universal Technician Certification.
  • Understand basic high rise building systems design and operations (i.e. fire system, domestic water system, HVAC system, electrical distribution, combustion engine system, interrelated code compliance).
  • City of Denver Refrigeration Operator’s Certificate required or obtained within 6 months of employment.
  • Able to read and understand blue print drawings, not limited to mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural or architectural.
  • Understanding of combustion engine service, repair and maintenance.
  • Experienced in Energy Management Systems/Building Automation Systems is required, to include the following - Direct Digital controls, process controls, and programming of these systems.
  • Ability to perform Upgrade Enhancements in field/zone and related controllers/FPTU's/VAV's.
  • Ability to perform installations/retrofits on all of the above .
  • Related Fire Life Safety device interface and routine code compliance understanding.
  • Ability to maintain a calm demeanor in emergency situations.
  • Apply principles of rational thinking to solve practical problems.
  • Write reports with proper format, punctuation, spelling and grammar, using all parts of speech.
  • Organizational skills and ability to compile appropriate information to plan and complete tasks.
  • Able to use Angus Anywhere work order program to receive and document work performed.
  • Desire to learn, ability to inspire and think outside the box.
  • Experience with EPA Energy Star, LEED EBO&M, and commissioning.
  • Monitor and control energy consumption.  Actively support programs on energy management.
  • Provides supervision and technical support of engineering crew’s daily activities as directed by the Assistant Chief Engineer; Take a lead role in managing and completing multiple repair and maintenance projects as directed by the Assistant Chief Engineer.
  • Provides oversight and management of the overall preventative maintenance and tenant request system to ensure proper documentation, thorough completion and recordkeeping for the entire engineering team as directed by the Assistant Chief Engineer.
  • Implements purchase requests for service and parts procurement as directed by the Assistant Chief Engineer
  • Must have a high level of understanding of the most complex building systems to include controls, refrigeration, chiller and boiler operations and sequences of operation.