Director, Facilities and Administration - Mary Kay

March 06, 2018

Mary Kay

Dallas, Texas 75379


Provide a high level summary of the overall purpose, scope and objective(s) of the job that explains why the job exists.

Manages the acquisition, design & construction, maintenance and disposal of real estate for all Mary Kay Inc. office, manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution facilities, including over 100 properties on a worldwide basis.  Oversees decisions to lease, build, or expand facilities and locates and negotiates sites for purchase or lease.  Directs the planning, design, and construction of new or expanded facilities globally.  Provides financial analysis and direction to senior management regarding the operational cost efficiency of individual facilities, as well as the facility portfolio in total. Oversees the administrative management of corporate-owned or leased properties, including the design, space planning, contract negotiation, etc. of individual properties.  Oversees major design and construction projects in individual facilities.  Establishes procedures used in site acquisition, facility design and property management.  Directs the activities of employees and/or outside contractors who construct, maintain, and repair facility systems, buildings, and equipment. 


  • Selects and purchases or leases real estate required to meet the company’s operating needs while ensuring maximum return and profitability.  Provides strategic direction in forecasting future facility needs and makes recommendations regarding future facility plans and improvements.  Determines need for future leases, building, and/or expansion and makes recommendations to senior management.  Oversees site selection, site acquisition, leasing space, and other functions relating to land acquisition, negotiation, and sale.  Locates and negotiates sites for purchase or lease and oversees the disposition of surplus property.


  • Oversees the global planning, design and construction of new or expanded facilities.  Directs the preparation of architectural & engineering design & specifications, cost estimates, functional studies selection of outside contractors and construction activity, . Is responsibible for compliance with project financial budget and schedules.  Provides oversight for team(s): (1) directing detailed design, budgetary costing, standardized construction, and final inspection of facility projects; (2) conducting construction surveillance to ensure adherence to contractual requirements; and (3) monitoring all construction contractual arrangements and represents the company in matters associated with real estate development.


  • Provides oversight of operations and maintenance of Mary Kay Inc.’s office, commercial, and production facilities, including all maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of the electrical, mechanical, heating/ventilation/air conditioning, plumbing, and elevator/escalator infrastructure of these facilities. Ensures that large maintenance projects (e.g., new chillers, manufacturing upgrades, HVAC installations, etc.) are completed successfully and align with future facility needs.  Ensures proper functioning of facilities through ongoing inspection and maintenance. Directs the activities of employees and outside contractors who construct, maintain, and repair utility systems, buildings, and equipment for all Mary Kay Inc.


  • properties, including electrical, plumbing, carpentry, air conditioning, heating, painting, and/or other general maintenance.


  • Ensures the optimal utilization of organization's facilities. Directs the assessment and evaluation of the physical space requirements of the company and recommends plans to senior/Executive management that meet those needs.  Oversees design projects and acts as the executive management liaison for high exposure projects.


  • Responsible for the administrative management of corporate-owned or leased properties for Mary Kay Inc., including negotiating vendor contracts to ensure consistency and favorable terms; planning, coordinating; and overseeing all building-related activities.


  • Develops and directs implementation of facility-related standards at all global facilities. Ensures continual monitoring and evaluation of all Mary Kay facilities against relevant operational and financial metrics, such as cost per square foot, employees per square foot, facility cost relative to business unit revenue, facility cost relative to facility production, etc. Oversees the development of strategic and tactical recommendations designed to improve facility performance against these metrics.  Resolves specific variations from standards due to the physical constraints of the property, local needs and cultural sensitivities.


  • In addition to the above, incumbent is expected to meet the required competencies for this position as defined in the competency profile.



  • Indicate the required minimum level of education, experience and skills generally required to successfully perform the responsibilities of the position.


Bachelor’s degree in Business, Real Estate, Architecture, or Engineering.  Master’s degree preferred.


10 years of related progressive management experience, including:  real estate portfolio  (of at least 20 properties) and facilities management with significant direct corporate profit/loss responsibility ($5,000,000+ annually), and a minimum of 5 years of team and staff management experience.  International real estate management experience is required.

  1. Must be diligent in managing to budget, meeting all deadlines due to ramification of missing,
  2. Must have a high level of attention to detail and ability to see the big picture.
  3. Must have exceptional strategic planning, financial, and analytical skills to forecast future facility needs and develop strategies to meet those needs cost effectively.
  4. Must have indept understanding of and executional responsibility for the acquisition, design, construction and disposal of large ($10M+) real estate projects.  
  5. Must have excellent people management and relationship building skills in order to oversee the activities of diverse groups in various locations.  Must have a familiarity with other cultures to deal with customs, cultures, and people in international subsidiaries.
  6. Requires strong, effective verbal and written communication skills to negotiate with vendors, to provide direction to staff, and to present recommendations to senior management.

Must be able to travel approximately 25% of the time both domestically and internationally.