Escrow Closing Coordinator - Greater Illinois Title Company

March 08, 2018
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Greater Illinois Title Company

Chicago, Illinois

Summary Description
Support staff for Escrow Closing Department. Primary responsibilities are to schedule and confirm closing appointments,
CD preparation and to accommodate customer needs in a professional, service orientated manner.
1. Contact attorneys and/or lenders for closing figures.
2. Run necessary Title “updates” and review basic title information on commitment.
3. CD preparation. Review lenders closing instructions/figures. Enter lender and/or Seller figures and balance
file. Forward CD/ALTA to appropriate party for review and approval.
4. Schedule closing appointments and send email confirmations to parties.
5. Follow up on missing packages to confirm timely receipt.
6. Communicate with customers in a professional, customer service focused and timely service oriented manner.
7. Answer phone calls, respond to internal and external emails and assist with “walk in” customer requests and
field inquiries to appropriate individuals.
8. Work together with closers to ensure smooth closing experience for all parties.
9. Handle special requests and rushes as business demands.
10. Assist in other offices on occasion when necessary, requiring travel to other offices within a region will be
While this job description is intended to be an accurate reflection of the job requirements, management reserves the right
to modify, add or remove duties from particular jobs and assign other duties as necessary.
Qualifications Required
1-2 years of real estate title; banking and/or mortgage/lender experience preferred.
Candidate should enjoy working with a variety of people and demonstrate professionalism; and have the ability to
establish good working relationships with customers and co-workers and handle a significant amount of pressure.
Knowledge of Windows [2007 or] 2010 operating system; Outlook; [Cisco Phone System], being able to navigate
customer portal and websites.