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Heartland LLC

Heartland LLC
Heartland LLC (“Heartland”) is a 19-person, Seattle-based real estate advisory and investment firm with over 30 years of experience designing, analyzing, and implementing strategies to manage risk and optimize value in all aspects of both the built and natural environment. Since forming the firm in 1984, our practice has been rooted in a deep understanding of the fundamental drivers of real estate economics. With experience across both the public and private realm, we offer a unique ability to blend the needs of the private sector owner with public sector processes and initiatives. Additionally, the expertise derived from work on our own investments and developments enhances and leverages our ability to advise others in all aspects of real estate-related activities. Heartland’s advisory work spans a variety of clients, including family offices, professional real estate companies, non-profits, owner/users, and public agencies. We are unique on the spectrum of real estate firms, combining rigorous financial analytics in support of strategy development and decision making with the ability to execute complex real estate transactions, all in the context of high visibility assets across a variety of real estate product types. This breadth of services is key to our value equation, and our scope enables us to leverage knowledge from one business line in support another, as well as provide a robust continuum of real estate services tailored to a diverse client base. Within this diversity of scale and scope, there are several common themes to the way we approach our work: • Objectives come first. No two clients have the same objectives, so for every project, Heartland designs an approach that is tailored to our client’s goals. • Real estate must work in the context of the organization. A successful real estate strategy should integrate with and be prioritized according to our client’s vision, goals, and objectives. • Methodology transcends scale. Our wide range of project sizes share a common focus on consistently applying a methodology based on rigorous analytics, thoughtful presentation and alignment-based negotiation.