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Tramview Capital Management

Tramview Capital Management
Tramview Capital Management (“TCM”) is a value-oriented real estate investment management firm focused on investing in institutional quality real estate in targeted growth markets across the U.S. TCM was formed in 2020 by Robert Davies and Zach Segal, who have collectively overseen and managed in excess of $4.5 billion of equity invested globally across the multifamily, industrial, office, and other real estate sectors. TCM is focused on generating strong, risk-adjusted returns by investing in properties at an attractive and defensible basis in targeted markets and in sectors with compelling long-term fundamentals and proven liquidity. TCM seeks to acquire well-located properties that have multiple levers to enhance income through value-add initiatives. Tramview was founded based upon: (i) an established fiduciary grounding and (ii) an entrepreneurial, team-oriented approach. By always putting the investors' interests foremost and appropriately aligning incentives in a collaborative environment with lifecycle investment accountability, Tramview seeks to generate outperformance with attractive, risk-adjusted returns. TCM investment professionals are empowered and expected to significantly contribute to serving the needs of clients and the growth of the TCM platform, and thereby provided with related professional development opportunities and incentive alignment.

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