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CCM Group, LLC

CCM Group, LLC
CCM Real Estate is a part of CCM Group, a Washington, DC-based investment firm dedicated to generating superior, risk-adjusted returns on its investments. The CCM Group includes CCM Real Estate, CSE-CCM Realty Investments, CCM Puerto Rico, and select venture capital investments in the clean-energy and real estate technology sectors (formerly CCM Energy). CCM Real Estate, CSE-CCM Realty Investments, and CCM Puerto Rico are involved in the ownership, leasing, management, and development of commercial real estate in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States as well as the Caribbean. Current holdings, either outright or in partnerships, total approximately 8 million square feet in roughly 100 single-purpose entities, with a concentration in retail, residential, and mixed-use properties. In addition, there are growing allocations in other asset classes such as hospitality, self-storage, and net-lease. The underlying strategy is one of long holding periods, with goals of (1) an appropriate risk-adjusted internal rate of return and (2) stable operating cash flows to provide meaningful returns to the for-profit entities while also providing resources to fund significant philanthropic efforts and commitments.