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Employers: attract the best and the brightest from the largest generation to enter the workplace in decades.

Together with the twelve top Real Estate Professional Associations, we are encouraging students in Real Estate Programs, as well as undergraduates and graduate students, regardless of their major, to explore careers in the commercial real estate industry. In these lean times, willing and enthusiastic young professionals are the answer to ever increasing work loads. And, when they graduate, statistics show that over half of the Interns working for major employers stay on in full time positions

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Don't lose a generation.

The real estate collapse of the '90's scared off a generation of young talent, who pursued careers in technology and Internet commerce. We see that loss in filling senior positions today. With the imminent retirement of the Baby Boomers, your firm, and the entire commercial real estate industry, cannot afford to lose the largest generation of workers since the Baby Boomers. Post free and get the help you need in these lean times - highly trained, tech savvy, young professionals specializing in state of the art business solutions in every sector and job function in our industry.

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