SelectLeaders Network Leadership Assessment Report

Hundreds of real estate professionals from every Association in the SelectLeaders Real Estate Job Network have taken our new Real Estate Leadership Assessment available on the home page of your Career Center. We are starting to perceive the unique Leadership Qualities that set our industry apart - both our strengths, and our weaknesses. The Leadership Assessment is completely confidential, and when you take it only you will have access to a full report on your unique leadership strengths, and how to overcome your barriers to success. But as a by-product, our industry's unique characteristics, with no contact information, have begun to emerge.

The Real Estate Industry's Leadership Qualities are least similar to leaders in the Arts, Education, and those who make Goods. We are most similar to those who are successful in Law, Finance, and Service industries.

Real Estate Industries Leadership Qualities

Real Estate spider graph showing qualities of industry leaders Select Leaders Network Leadership Style Spider Plot
Higher in the plot = more similar

Our industry has experienced a considerable metamorphosis since 2009. Forget the strong, what Darwin actually said was, "Only the adaptable survive."

Today's Real Estate Industry's top Leadership Qualities:

  • Relating Skills
  • Acting with Honor and Character
  • Being Open and Receptive

Our Industry is also quite adept at:

  • Keeping on Point
  • Managing Diverse Relationships
  • Demonstrating Personal Flexibility
  • Being Organizationally Savvy
  • Managing Work Processes
  • Communicating Effectively

The Real Estate industry scored the lowest in:

  • Caring About Others
  • Balancing Work/Life
  • Inspiring Others
  • Focusing on the Bottom Line

Real Estate Industries Hobbies

Real Estate tag cloud showing industry hobbies in order of abundance Shows words appearing in 'interests' of respondents.

The overwhelming response to what we do on our days of...? What is our industry's favorite hobby?

Real Estate. Yes, Real Estate. When we get free time, we dabble in real estate. While there were mentions of skiing and golf and travel, they were far seconds compared to Real Estate, which topped the list of our perfect free time activity! This finding is consistent with our score on Balancing Work/Life.

Success in real estate is dependent on the ability to work with others. While we may not always exhibit these traits daily among our colleagues, this is how our industry perceives itself in our business dealings.

Industry Self-Assessment of top Personality Traits

  • Tactful
  • Considerate
  • Approachable
  • Diplomatic
  • Trustworthy

These findings are based on early data, and we share them with you to encourage you to take the SelectLeaders Job Network Leadership Assessment and benefit from its real purpose - to help you discover your top leadership characteristics, and learn to overcome your barriers to success.