A Remote Boss

As an online company, we rarely work face-to-face with YOU - "our bosses" - our clients who hire, or develop their careers, using the Selectleaders Real Estate Job Network. The tricks of the trade to successfully work and Win Over a Remote Boss was featured in last week's “Wall Street Journal” and is what we try to do. "Realize communications with remote colleagues tend to be tougher and more direct because they can't see listeners’ reactions. It's also way too easy to have miscommunications." "Active Listening Skills" become a must. Paraphrase and repeat the boss’s needs to confirm you understand. Send a quick email summary afterwards. Schedule check-up calls. And better yet, a video call, which is becoming increasingly easier. Most importantly take time to be human and take a few minutes for the kind of friendly socializing that happens naturally in person. Millennials in particular seem to have an aversion to picking up the phone, and leave themselves open to no reaction or misinterpretation from people who scan, because they don't have time to thoroughly read countless emails.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
March 29, 2016

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