The Unknown

We wondered what you would say today if we asked you the same question we asked you at the end of December, 2015: Will the Presidential race and election affect your company's business in 2016? At that time, 74% reported that the Presidential race and election would not affect their business at all. 14% said it would affect business positively, and only 11% reported it would have a negative effect. But that was before a divided America nearly chose a Socialist Presidential candidate. Yet so far the Stock Market continues to rise despite anything that happens politically, including BREXIT, which was anticipated to be the ultimate deal killer. The only threat to business that most of our industry reported would affect their company negatively in SelectLeaders Network’s 2016 Real Estate Hiring Trends Surveywas if the Feds hike interest rates. Apparently our industry only fears the unknown where there are no checks and balances.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
July 27, 2016

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