Hiring Losers

In college, I arranged my class schedule to never miss “Ladies Day at Wrigley Field,” undaunted by the “Cursed Century” (the Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908). Moved to NewYork and left the Cubs behind, but in 2009, the same year I took over SelectLeaders, Theo Epstein, who this Sunday’s NYT designated “A Proven Savior,” agreed to lead the Chicago Cubs. The rest will be history. But what’s his secret for success? Surround yourself with the best, but the secret sauce in his exceptional ability to hire is he delves into the human side not just the numbers. Epstein in his draft room interviews talks about the person not the player and spends nearly half the time listening to how they handle adversity. Winning is part luck, losing but getting back up is what differentiates the best in any job. But the true secret to Epstein’s success is why he says he took the job in the first place, and what I believe defines the perfect job for anyone, “It is a wonderful chance to do something meaningful.”

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
October 5, 2016

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