Pace Quickens

What kinds of jobs encourage people to stay in the workforce? Boston College reported to the WSJ, voluntary late career job switches hold the key to keeping Americans toiling away, many working happily at age 65. The study finds, "The most common reason for switching jobs is to reduce stress." Yet, the majority did not end up in less stressful jobs. The desire to reduce stress is what made the difference in retention. Very little is written on how the pace of business and the work generated is increasing in addition to checking increasing phone messages, multiple email accounts, texts, social media and the data that comes at you on every aspect of the business. More and more "alerts" seem to be set up every day. How can you reduce workplace stress to retain committed employees? You can't. But leadership can acknowledge the increasing pace is increasing stress and work together to pare down to what is absolutely essential for success.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
March 29, 2017

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