Wednesday, we wrote that Whole Foods Board activists were pushing to bring on a real estate focused CFO team. Thursday, the WSJ reported, “Amazon Set to Devour Whole Foods”. Will real estate experience be needed in Amazon’s online world? Jeff Bezos has managed to create business after business that is profitable, or at least not a drag on its bottom line. That statement alone may be the key to success. Often investments in people and the business are stymied to achieve year-over-year earnings increases, rather than aiming for a profitable business poised for greater success. Traditionally growth moves laterally into a related business, Amazon tech growth moves vertically utilizing the supply chains that create and deliver goods, regardless of the industry. Interestingly, Whole Foods is considered a premium player, but I still have my Whole Foods co-op member certificate from when they were the disruptor selling bulk rate whole grains, rice and other staples and ripe, organic, in-season vegetables, all at lower prices.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
June 21, 2017

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