Who Can You Trust

There will no longer be any dividing line between what any person chooses to do in private and what they do in public. Everything will be watched and rated," Rachel Botsman, author of "Who Can You Trust" told the WSJ. It is happening everywhere. The Chinese Government plans to create a Social Credit System, in which people are given trust scores based on their daily activities: where they shop, their social activities, how long they spend watching television or playing video games, their spending habits, their health. People who don't rate well won't be hired for certain jobs. She cites Tala, a lender that offers low-interest loans to customers through a mobile app that scans the phone of applicants - spending habits, consistency of income, the size of their address book (and whether entries are listed by first and last names, a sign of care and attention) - creating a Profile as valid as any credit score in establishing their likelihood to repay. No personal life allowed - Orwellian or Transparency?

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
November 22, 2017

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