Welcome to 2018

And YOU complained about 2017. How HARD it was to hire as we reached full employment. Welcome to 2018. Citing the recent tax cuts, more than 164 companies and more than 2 million workers received raises and bonuses in the past 25 days. Employees are feeling taken care of, and, appreciated, right where they are sitting. Quick, LOOK at your offers. Remember the lessons of 2007, when equity became a part of compensation packages for lower and lower salaried employees? Now look at your Job Description. One respondent to our 2018 Hiring Trends Survey summed up what many employees today are looking for besides higher compensation, the challenges: "I would love to work for an organization that's leading the future of the industry." What is your company doing to lead us into a better future, AND, make its employees feel valued? Is this in your Job Posting?

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
January 17, 2018

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