The Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate is part of the College of Business at San Diego State University. San Diego State University has a history, tradition and commitment to teaching real estate. The program began in 1958 and continues to produce real estate graduates who are ready Day 1. In order to contribute to the education of the next generation of real estate leaders, the McMillin family along with HG Fenton, Cassidy Turley and Cornerstone Communities generously decided to give back and support real estate education by forming The Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate.
The Mission:
Enhance the academic experience of students interested in real estate.
Develop critical and innovative research for the real estate community.
Produce Day 1* ready graduates and real estate leaders.

Core Focus:

  • Undergraduate Minor in Real Estate
  • Real Estate Undergraduate Degree
  • Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Real Estate

Program Highlights:

The vision of the real estate program at SDSU is to create a ready-day-one educational program for students who aspire to become future leaders and professionals within the multifaceted real estate industry. This vision and the changing nature of today’s real estate market require that graduates receive a complete education that provides both breadth and depth in this field.

Majors in real estate receive a solid foundation in business and real estate through required courses and depth in a particular sub-profession through one of three specialty tracks: real estate development, mortgage banking, and real estate investment advising. Graduates will also be prepared to continue learning, develop leadership, and contribute to communities as a result of their total degree program experience.

SDSU’s program in real estate provides students with analytical skills, technical competence to perform market analyses, and an understanding of the tools necessary to perform in today’s complex real estate industry. This means each graduate from the real estate program should be able to join any real estate organization and make an impact/contribution from their first day of employment. Graduates should be capable of making a wide variety of management decisions concerning real estate including the ability to apply new economic concepts and up-to-date analytical tools to the process of real estate decision making.

Source: https://cbaweb.sdsu.edu/real-estate

*This information is based on the school's 2016/2017 program and may not reflect changes, updates or deletions to the programs.