Frequently Asked Questions



Why can't I log in?
If you can't log in, you should first verify that you are using the correct username and password. In the 'Forgot your Password?' box, type in the email address or username with which you registered. Your username and password will be sent to that email address.
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How do I change my password?
Log in to your account from any log-in box or from the 'My Account' page. Next, click on the 'User Profile' link. On this screen you can change your password in the 'password text box' near the bottom of the screen. Click 'save' and your new password will be saved.
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When updating my profile, why am I asked to change my old user ID/password?
For our registrants' security, we ask that effective January 1, 2006, all user IDs and passwords be a minimum 6 characters in length. If your user ID/password is less than 6 characters, the next time you attempt to update your profile, you will be prompted to adjust the length of your user ID/password to meet the new security requirements. Additionally, changing your password periodically is a good way to keep your log-in information secure.
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How long will my posting remain on
All postings remain on for 60 days. Because we also power various real estate organization job sites, your posting will also automatically be listed on the BOMA, CCIM, CRE Finance Council, CREW Network, GlobeSt., NAIOP, NAREIM, NAREIT, NMHC, PREA, SIOR, and ULI career centers.
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How can I update my company profile?
You can change the company information in your profile by logging in to your account, clicking 'User Profile', and then making the necessary changes. Click 'save' and your company information will be changed.
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What are your job posting rates?
A single posting is $449
2-pack: $898
3-pack: $1,347
4-pack: $1,796
5-pack: $1,875
10-pack: $3,500
20-pack: $6,600
30-pack: $9,000
50-pack: $13,750
All packages are good for one year.
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Which credit cards do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
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How do I post a job?
To post a job, you must first register as an employer and create an account. If you already have an account, simply log in to your account, click on 'Post Job'. You may either enter text directly, or cut and paste from a Word document.
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How can I add a logo to my company's job posting?
Once you log in to your account, click 'User Profile' and upload your company's logo by clicking the browse button for 'logo image file', then select the appropriate file. Click 'Update Employer' and your logo will be saved.'
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How do I activate a job posting?
After you have created your job posting, click the 'Save' button at the bottom. You are brought to a screen with 3 options: Edit, Activate, or Save as Draft. To activate, click the 'Activate' button and you will be brought to the payment screen. If you have saved your job as a draft and wish to activate, you can click on 'My Jobs' and simply click the green 'Activate' button beside it or click the Edit button and follow the instructions above.
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Can a single job posting have multiple geographic locations?
Yes. To insert multiple locations into a job posting, keep the 'State' field blank by scrolling all the way down to the end of the drop down menu. There will be a blank field, click on it. Your posting will be shown as US. In the 'City' field, you may enter multiple locations, or simply type "Nationwide."
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What is a job reference and what is it used for?
The job reference is for your own use and can be used to keep track of your jobs. You may choose up to 30 alpha and/or numeric characters.
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How can I make the identity of my company confidential?
Within each job posting you will have the option to make your company confidential. Where it asks 'Is this posting confidential?', you will click on 'Yes'. This will post the position without the company name. You may also wish to post the position without a zip code, to further protect your anonymity.
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What will my posting look like to job seekers?
After you have created your job posting in the 'Post Job' section of your account, click 'Save' and you will be brought to a screen that previews your posting. Or, if you already have a saved or activated job, under 'My Jobs' click the view button next to the posting you wish to view.
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Why can't I see a job I just posted on the site?
It may take a couple of moments for the system to index your posting onto the site. If you do not see your posting after 15 minutes, please feel free to email us or call (800) 615-7340 to have us further research this for you.
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How do I edit a job after I have posted it?
You may always edit a job after you have posted it by logging into your account and selecting the edit button next to the job you wish to edit.
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Can I delete a job posting before it expires?
Yes. Log into your account, select 'My Jobs' and then click the 'trash can' icon next to the job you wish to delete. Once you delete a job, it will continue to show as inactive in your account, but will not appear on the site.
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How do I renew a job posting after it has expired?
After your job posting has expired, your job posting will remain in your account as inactive. If you choose to re-activate a job, you can simply click the green check mark icon next to the posting. You will be directed to the billing form and will have to submit your payment information. For the security of our clients, SelectLeaders does not retain this information.
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How will I receive resumes?
SelectLeaders offers 3 convenient ways to receive resumes from candidates: The first option is to receive a notification from SelectLeaders that a candidate has applied. When you select this option you will receive an email prompting you to log into your account to view the resumes. Option two is to opt for 'no notification' and regularly check your account for submitted resumes. The third option is to receive a notification with the resumes attached in the email. With this option, you will receive the resumes as attachments, as well as view submissions within your account. (Please add this address to your computer's address book: to prevent resume e-mails from being blocked by spam filters.) The last option is to direct candidates to the URL of your company website.

Please note that resumes submitted by the candidates when they apply are always accessible by logging into your account unless they were directed to a site outside of the SelectLeaders Job Network.

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Can I be billed for my job posting?
We only bill for packages. Job posters purchasing single jobs must use a credit card and complete the transaction online. To learn about our package options, call (800) 615-7340.
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How do I get my username and password?
If you are already registered but forgot your password, click on 'Forgot Password' in any log-in box. In the 'Forgot your Password?' box, type in the email address or username with which you registered. Your username and password will be sent to that email address. If you are not registered, please register from any link that says 'Register Now', ( or click on the My Account, Candidate or Employer tabs to register.
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Do I have to register with in order to apply for a job?
Yes. SelectLeaders requires that you register and upload your resume. You may do this by either going to the My Account or Candidate Registration page. Registration is free.
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How do I apply to a job on your site?
Log into your account and search for jobs. Once you find a job posting to which you would like to apply, click on the 'Apply ' button next to the job title. If the employer has elected to use a candidate screening questionnaire, you will be asked to answer a series of questions. Once you do so, you will be brought to a screen that will allow you to select which resume and/or cover letter you would like to use.
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What happens when I apply for a job marked confidential?
When you apply for a job that is marked confidential, SelectLeaders sends your resume and any other information you submit to the employer.
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How can I get more information about a job posting?
Since employers post their own jobs, they only include the information they want the job seeker to have. SelectLeaders will not have any further information.
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Why do some jobs have SelectLeaders as the company name?
If a posting displays SelectLeaders as the company name, this means that the employer is using the SelectLeaders ProSelect service. ProSelect services assist employers with writing their job description, posting the position and screening applications.
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What is ProSelect?
ProSelect is an outsourced recruiting service where professional real estate recruiters assist employers in writing a professional job specification, developing a posting strategy, screening incoming resumes and performing telephonic interviewing. If you are an employer and would like further information, call Susan Kane, Director of Sales at 212-660-7470.
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How can I be sure that the company I am applying to received my resume?
After you have applied to a job, an automatic email is sent to you, confirming that your information has been sent to the email address the employer has provided to SelectLeaders.
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What happens when I register my resume and other information with you?
When you register with SelectLeaders and upload your resume, you are able to apply to multiple jobs without having to upload your resume every time you apply. Your information is always confidential and only those employers that you submit your information to can see it. We do not have a searchable resume database.
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How do I review my resume?
Log into your account and scroll to the bottom of the page or click on 'Resume' located under the 'My Account' tab. Click on the 'View' icon. You will be brought to a screen that shows your resume details. Next to 'resume file' you will see an icon that you can click which will open the resume that corresponds with that saved record.
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How do I replace or update my resume?
You can upload and save over your current resume. Simply click the 'edit' icon next to the resume you wish to update or replace. Click the 'browse' button and select your revised/updated resume. Simply click the 'edit resume' button and you're done! If you wish to completely remove all or some resume records that you have saved, please email us or call (800) 615-7340 and we can remove it for you.
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What is a Job Alert and how does it work?
Job Alert is a feature which allows you to define criteria for the jobs you wish to be alerted about via email. When you create your Job Alert, jobs in your field, discipline or location are sent to you automatically via email. You may sign up for your Job Alert at registration or, if you are already registered, log into your account and click on 'Job Alerts.' This is a free service.
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What is the Select Jobs newsletter and how do I sign up for it?
SelectLeaders' Select Jobs newsletter is a weekly email that lists some of the top real estate positions posted in the previous week on the SelectLeaders Job Network. It's very popular with both employers and candidates who like to stay in touch with the latest professional job openings in the field. To sign up for the Select Jobs newsletter, log into your account, click 'User Profile', scroll to the bottom of the form and place a check mark next to 'Yes, I would like to receive the Select Jobs newsletter.' This is a free service.
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Is there a charge for posting an internship?
There is no charge for posting internships on the SelectLeaders Job Network.
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