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Senior Property Manager

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This job is no longer active.



The Senior Property Manager is responsible for the oversight of the Property Management Team and the completion of operations, tenant relations, leasing and financial responsibilities either through self-performance or effective delegation and review of the work of others. The Senior Property Manager assists the Managing Director in providing management, direction, and leadership to ensure the portfolio is maintained and operated in accordance with URG standards ensuring services are provided in a best-in-class manner. This position requires a demonstrated knowledge of commercial real estate and terms, particularly office and retail leases.



  • Effectively manage relationships with other URG business groups including asset management, leasing, construction/development, investments and accounting.
  • Set clear and concise directives to promote innovative ideas and solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Continually strive to identify new opportunities for generating additional business.
  • Ensure compliance with insurance requirements, building codes, life safety codes and other applicable laws, regulations and policies.
  • Continually survey the market to ensure services being provided to building occupants meet or exceed market standards as well as gather information on market expense comps.
  • Establish and maintain industry contacts and relationships in the property’s marketplace through involvement in trade organizations, property management and real estate associations and networking opportunities with vendor outreach and peer groups.
  • Review various types of transactional agreements in connection with real estate management and leasing. Examples of documents would include commercial office leases, commercial retail leases, license agreements, letters of intent, telecommunication agreements and other real estate related transaction documents.
  • Actively participate in company or business group task force(s) including those offered by industry related groups.
  • Stay abreast of and inform on current government issues, labor issues or code issues affecting the portfolio.
  • Maintain the culture needed to enhance, promote and execute daily positive interaction among members of the building management team.
  • Manage staff including management and administrative personnel and engineering.
  • Ensure job responsibilities and expectations are clearly defined and communicated, work is assigned and distributed appropriately, staff is appropriately trained, and performance issues are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Conduct and participate in regular staff meetings.
  • Regularly provide formal and informal performance feedback to staff including discussions of strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Complete well thought out and well-documented annual performance reviews and salary recommendations within designated timeframes.
  • Provide coaching, feedback and recognition to enhance staff members’ customer service skills. Acting as a role model when providing customer service.

Tenant Relationships

  • Provide excellent tenant service through regular personal contact and by taking the initiative to anticipate tenant needs and provide service that meets or exceeds expectations.
  • Ensure the operations team is responding in a timely and efficient manner to all tenant concerns, coordinating special services and requests.
  • Initiate contact with new tenants to coordinate move-in process, provide introduction and orientation, and explain the building rules and regulations.
  • Distribute security and emergency response plans to tenants; ensure training and annual fire drills are conducted according to code.
  • Ensure all special and/or operational events at the building are completed per established schedule. These could include marketing events, tenant advisory board meetings, holiday decorations and/or tenant surveys.
  • Ensure the property management team is proactively communicating to the tenant’s and owner’s the management goals and objectives regarding scheduled and unscheduled maintenance projects occurring at the property.


  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of insurance, risk management, environmental and building codes, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, vertical transportation systems, building automation and life safety systems as well as other systems pertaining to the management of commercial real estate such as telecommunications, energy management and utility deregulation issues.
Coordinate activities required to effectively and efficiently manage the annual operations and capital plan to include but not be limited to:
  • Contracting with third-party vendors to maintain building equipment and systems, ensuring service expectations through regular inspections, contract obligations are met, and costs are within budget and/or opportunities for expense savings are achieved.
  • Administer contracts in accordance with the Company’s and/or Owner’s specifications, including insurance requirements, terms of service, delegation of authority/signature authority, and bidding requirements.
  • Complete contract bid projects meeting all deadlines and ensuring a high-quality analysis of bidders’ responses and providing concise recommendations on contract award.
  • Ensure capital projects and significant R&M projects are completed on time and within budget by effectively overseeing all construction projects and ensuring compliance with the construction SOP; regularly provide construction updates to Owner and other stakeholders.
  • Complete regular property inspections to ensure buildings and vacant spaces are presented in a Class A manner and are being maintained per the Company and/or Owner standards.
  • Ensure that all property management systems, policies and procedures are implemented within established timeframes and followed consistently.
  • Attend construction management (CM) meetings and work with CM teams to ensure timely completion of all tenant improvements.
  • Manage Tenant Improvements to include but not be limited to:
  • Assisting design firm and tenant in the completion of their improvement plan and review plans to ensure existing building systems are not compromised and City and State codes are being followed.
  • Completed either directly and/or by the use of a project manager.
  • Ensure the appropriate documents/contracts are in place based on the Company and/or Owners pre-determined policy and maintain job costing/tracking sheet.
  • Minimize liability by strictly adhering to established risk management plan to include but not be limited to:
  • Maintaining the property in a safe secure manner during normal and emergency situations; verifying that all emergency equipment and/or systems are in good working order.
  • Respond to and manage incidents that occur at the property.
  • Clearly understanding the Company’s and/or Owners’ emergency procedures, ensuring operations team and tenants are trained on method of response.
  • Strictly maintain established certificate of insurance program for both tenants and vendors.
  • Ensure all emergency response manuals are reviewed and updated annually and that sections of Building Engines are updated.


  • Effectively coordinate with the leasing group to implement new and renewed lease agreements, conduct prospective tenant tours with brokerage team (if requested), and ensure tenant move ins and move outs are effectively managed.
  • Coordinate with Owner and leasing team, any tenant requests for subleases, assignments and/or various license agreements, i.e. parking, storage, rooftop agreements. Ensure documents are produced using Owner approved standard forms.
  • Track new and existing leases and promptly notify the necessary departments of any changes before they occur, ensuring changes are appropriately documented.
  • Review and confirm that all LOI financial terms including commissions are consistent with the lease. Proofread drafts of legal documents.
  • Review draft lease documents to ensure understanding of tenant requirements and property information in the document is correctly listed.
  • Thoroughly understand lease terms by abstracting lease documents; track critical dates, encumbrances or other significant lease terms and promptly notify the necessary departments as they become applicable.
  • Facilitate and track routing, and signature of various documents, forms and lease documents.
  • Overall control of original lease documentation and ensuring the maintenance of master lease files with the proper property representative. Receive and set up all lease documents into corporate electronic files; assist with abstracting lease agreements.


  • Demonstrate a strong working knowledge of cash and accrual accounting principles for property management in the use of budget analysis, financial statement analysis and the handling of building accounts.
  • Develop and present complete, clear and concise analysis and recommendations for unbudgeted projects to the Owner.
  • Provide competitive property operating expense and tax expense information and explain variances between competitive benchmark expenses as compared to property expenses.
Understand Owner’s goals and objectives regarding property financial performance to include but not be limited to:
  • Completion of annual property budget and quarterly reforecasts to include income, operational and capital improvements projects on the Company’s and/or Owner’s predetermined schedule.
  • Completion of monthly reports to provide an executive summary of monthly/yearly activities and a detailed variance analysis of all income and expense categories within established deadlines.
  • Ensure completion of annual operating expense and real estate tax estimate calculations and annual reconciliations in accordance with lease timelines; review details of CAM workbooks including expense gross-ups and expense pools.
  • Review monthly rent up, ensuring rents agree to lease rent steps; identify tenants with upcoming hold-over rents and CPI increases and communicate to accounting.
  • Develop and implement 5-year capital plans to include schedule of projects to be completed and amortization projects (if required) to meet the financial obligations of the annual budget.
  • Partner with the accounting department to ensure the timely collection (collected and posted by the 10th of the month) of tenant rents, operating expenses and additional charges to the tenant that may be required.
  • Make recommendations to improve net operating income by increasing revenues and/or decreasing operating expenses.
  • Manage the operations team to ensure that the Company’s and/or Owner’s delegation of authority is strictly being followed.
  • Completion of monthly reports and providing an executive summary of monthly/yearly activities and a detailed variance analysis of all income and expense categories.


  • Supervisory experience required
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills required
  • Effective business writing skills required
  • Proven history in the completion of an annual operating budget and five-year capital plan
  • Must be detail oriented, a self-starter, dependable and highly motivated
  • Possess strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Work and think well under pressure and can meet deadlines consistently
  • Strong working knowledge of customer service principles and practices
  • Possess a general working knowledge of architectural and construction processes
  • Intermediate proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and proficiency in or the ability to develop proficiency in accounting software (Yardi), budgeting applications (Kardin), property management software (Building Engines) and lease management and abstracting software (Prophia)
  • Demonstrate ability to complete objectives and projects with broad managerial direction. Demonstrate ability to develop projects or plans to meet business group goals and strategies


  • 7-10+ years experience managing commercial properties including experience with significant operational issues such as operational emergencies or building renovation
  • Proficient in MS Word and Excel
  • Associates or bachelor’s degree in business management or similar field preferred, but not required
  • Yardi experience preferred, but not required
  • Building Engines experience preferred, but not required
  • Demonstrates professionalism in every aspect of work performance including positive, enthusiastic attitude
  • Active real estate license preferred, but not required

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7+ to 10 years

This job is no longer active.