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Real Estate Deal & Capital Raising Manager

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This job is no longer active.



Skylatus Property Capital LLC (“Skylatus” or the “Company”) is a capital brokerage business that helps real estate owners and developers raise debt and equity capital to acquire, develop and refinance multifamily & hospitality real estate in Florida.

In addition to Skylatus’ primary capital raising business, Skylatus’ principals are in the process of creating an affiliated company that will acquire and develop multifamily and hospitality real estate in Florida.  

The Skylatus team is led by a former real estate private equity investor, Wall Street lender, and former CPA that has closed over $2 billion of real estate transactions. 


Skylatus is a growing entrepreneurial company that has been in business since 2020.  Our team is comprised of ambitious individuals that are passionate about investment real estate and prefer entrepreneurial environments over large corporations.  We foster growth and provide paths towards financial freedom.  While we work incredibly hard and relentlessly pursue success, we also value spending time with loved ones, traveling and personal hobbies.   


Skylatus is seeking a Real Estate Deal & Capital Raising Manager (the “Manager”) to oversee the lifecycle of capital raising engagements and acquisitions from post-origination through closing.  The Manager will oversee a team of analysts, transaction managers / capital raisers, and researchers (collectively, the “Team”) and make sure that capital gets raised and deals close.  Aside from overseeing the Team’s work, the Manager will also be responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with lenders and equity investors (the “Capital Providers”).  The Manager’s primary responsibilities are listed below:  

  1. Oversee financial analysts’ creation and accuracy of offering memorandums, underwritings, & waterfall models

  2. Utilize the Company’s CRM (HubSpot) to create targeted lists of Capital Providers to raise capital from

  3. Call, email, and meet with Capital Providers

  4. Manage deal pipelines in HubSpot

  5. Spearhead underwriting calls with Capital Providers

  6. Negotiate and redline term sheets and commitment letters

  7. Oversee the writing and distribution of weekly capital raising reports to clients

  8. Make recommendations on which Capital Providers the Company should move deals forward with

  9. Negotiate and redline agreements with third parties (appraisals, PCRs, Phase 1, etc)

  10. Read loan and joint venture equity agreements, redline them, and work with legal counsel to improve the docs

  11. Screen due diligence files before they are provided to Capital Providers

  12. Review third party reports and present conclusions / takeaways

  13. Oversee appraisal appeals

  14. Review settlement statements

  15. Work with marketing team to market closed deals

  16. Form relationships with new Capital Providers and maintain relationships with existing ones 

  17. Work with insurance brokers to solve insurance issues

  18. Solve problems when they arise on deals


The qualifications are listed below.  

  1. At least 5 years of experience working with multifamily properties

  2. At least 5 years of experience working with hospitality properties

  3. At least 5 years of experience reading and redlining loan and joint venture agreements

  4. At least 5 years of experience reviewing settlement statements

  5. At least 5 years of experience reviewing appraisals, PCRs, Phase 1s

  6. At least 3 years of financial modeling experience (specifically with multifamily & hospitality properties)

  7. At least 2 years of management experience

  8. At least 1 year of experience working with Hubspot

  9. Has been directly involved in the closing of at least 15 multifamily or hospitality real estate transactions

  10. Must be highly familiar with the following terms: DSCR, Debt Yield, LTV, LTC, IRR, Equity Multiple, ROC, Promote

  11. Can speak industry lingo

  12. Highly experienced with Microsoft Excel including knowledge of shortcuts

  13. Has a deep level of appreciation for “time killing deals”

  14. Track record of working with different types of lenders 

  15. Recognizes the names of lending and investment companies (knows players in the business)

  16. Has industry relationships

  17. Not afraid of making cold calls to Capital Providers

  18. Excellent communicator, both written and oral

  19. A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or real estate

  20. Takes initiative

  21. Hunger, drive, determination to succeed

  22. Fast typing skills

  23. Meticulous with numbers

  24. Detail oriented (catches errors)

  25. Ability to set and achieve deadlines (excellent time management)

  26. Ability to juggle multiple deals

  27. Able to form “tight” relationships with people

  28. Good at managing others


Base salary plus performance based profit sharing in commissions and real estate investments.  The profit sharing shall be outlined in a contract with clear performance hurdles rather than being discretionary.  Optional group healthcare plan.


We have a physical office in South Tampa but we are also accepting remote applicants.

This is a full time job and the start date is ASAP.

We have an entrepreneurial start-up culture.



5+ to 7 years

This job is no longer active.

Finance / Investment Hospitality / Entertainment Full Time FL Capital Markets, Finance, Operations Director - Market Strategy other