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Simone Development Companies

Commercial Leasing Associate

Full Time
Real Estate Field
  • Brokerage, Sales / Leasing
Postal Code
United States

This job is no longer active.


Primary Responsibilities


Maximize leasing revenues by achieving the highest possible rent per square foot for each space/building/property, and by maintaining the lowest possible vacancy rate at all properties.


Principal Duties


  • Work with the VP Leasing, the Director of Leasing, the Property Management staff, and the Construction staff to ensure that properties are marketed, maintained and operated in a manner that –
    • Attracts potential tenants;
    • Promotes tenant retention; and 
    • Adds to the positive reputation of the property and the company.
  • Assist the VP Leasing and the Director of Leasing prepare and negotiate Lease Proposals for new leases and renewals.
  • During new and renewal lease negotiations, and as directed by the VP Leasing or the Director of Leasing, coordinate comments between attorneys, tenants and others concerning rents, floor layouts, work-orders, and other lease-document related issues (using the Legal Department as needed).
  • Assist VP Leasing and the Director of Leasing monitor upcoming lease expirations to achieve timely renewals.
  • Identify and represent the company at events that provide networking opportunities as well as attend other events and conferences assigned.
  • Work with the VP Leasing and the Director of Leasing in facilitating and arranging broker events.
  • Conduct targeted market studies for each upcoming available space nine months before existing tenant’s renewal date – or whenever there is an unanticipated vacancy.
  • Handle inquiries about available space and “qualify” tenants.
  • Work in collaboration with the VP Leasing and the Director of Leasing to show space to potential tenants or to arrange for space to be shown.
  • Manage the progress of new and renewal leases (including overseeing the Lease-preparation process) and ensure compliance with each step of the Hutch Management Lease Processing Procedure.  Assure that –
  • Lease abstracts are completed in a timely fashion.
      • The Accounting Department is provided leasing information and documentation in a timely manner.
      • Tenant Leasing files are properly maintained.
  • Assist in the development of marketing packages, mailers, brochures, floor plans and other targeted marketing materials needed to aggressively promote space.
  • As directed by the VP Leasing, prepare and/or obtain and distribute marketing materials and floor plans for current and upcoming vacant spaces in a timely fashion – including measurements and drawing of space and collection of necessary data.
  • Assist in the marketing of space to brokers via the use of mailers, emails, Constant Contact, Costar and LoopNet. 
  • Monthly, provide the Leasing Coordinator with all up-to-date information needed to market and maintain available space listings on Costar, LoopNet, and the Hutch Company Website.
  • Identify and canvass new tenant prospects.
  • Collect market information from brokers and from visits/calls to competitive properties.
  • Work with the VP Leasing and the Director of Leasing to analyze market data and develop information with which to determine market rents.
  • Ensure that “For Lease” signs are erected six months in advance of vacancies.
  • As assigned, work with the Construction Department to ensure that construction/ build-out work is thorough and meets the deadline(s) necessary for tenant to occupy space, and is in accordance with the terms of the tenant’s lease.
  • Monitor the activities of the Leasing Coordinator to verify that reports are completed in a timely manner and web site information is correctly updated, and provide assistance when needed.
  • Assist with tenant space planning and communications with Tenant and Landlord architects.
  • Create and update internal reporting documents, as needed.
  • Establish rapport with brokerage community.


Job Function

  • Leasing

Job Sectors

  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Retail


2+ to 5 years

This job is no longer active.

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