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Georgia Institute of Technology -Real Estate Development

Real Estate Manager

Full Time
Real Estate Field
  • Property Management
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This job is no longer active.


Title: Real Estate Manager-CODA

Job Purpose: Serve as the primary liaison between the Georgia Institute of Technology occupants of CODA and the Office and Data Center Landlords and their management teams.

  • Provide oversight of the landlord(s) in their provision of day to day building maintenance and services for Georgia Institute of Technology's occupancy within the CODA project within the Office Tower, Data center and Retail areas in accordance with the respective leases
  • Coordinate closely with CODA Community Manager to develop and maintain strong working relationships with the occupants of the Georgia Institute of Technology  user groups, schools and research neighborhoods within CODA.  Understand and manage service level expectations and coordinate approvals and delivery for requested above standard services
  • Provide lease administration, representing the Executive Director, Georgia Institute of Technology  Real Estate Development as the first line contact for lease issues.

Impact and Influence:

Who will this position interact with on a consistent basis? (title, level and grade)

This position will interact on a consistent basis with property management teams of the Landlords, key representatives within each Georgia Institute of Technology  user group, and the community management services functions established for CODA

Who will this position advise and counsel?

This position will advise and counsel the real estate development office regarding landlord oversight and performance, leadership of each of the Georgia Institute of Technology  user group/neighborhoods regarding services delivery, CODA governance committee ( i.e. faculty shepherds) and community services staff

Will this position supervise? If so, which positions? TBD

If this position supervises, will the incumbent have fire/hire authority or input?


Key responsibilities:

Thoroughly understand and administer the terms of the lease agreements between Landlords and Georgia Institute of Technology , interpreting lease issues for Georgia Institute of Technology occupants, contractors and service providers, coordinating Landlord’s approval of matters when specified in the lease.

Coordinate maintenance and service requests for Georgia Institute of Technology occupants of CODA, insuring they are properly identified, tracked, prioritized and responded to and resolved in an appropriate and timely manner by appropriate resources (i.e. Landlord’s tenant service coordinator, building operations, management or contracted services pursuant to the lease or contracted vendor services for above standard services).

Review, evaluate and exercise Georgia Institute of Technology's rights pursuant to the lease including vendor approvals, key landlord personnel approvals, lease approvals for third party tenants in proximity to research neighborhoods, rights of first offers, rights of first refusals, and expansions rights

Provide oversight and coordination of an integrated security plan developed by the Landlord in concert with APD and GTPD

Review, administer and optimize controllable operating expenses i.e. tenant electrical and HVAC usage within Georgia Institute of Technology tenant’s spaces to achieve Georgia Institute of Technology’s sustainability goals

Monitor and facilitate Georgia Institute of Technology tenant move in and move out arrangements

Develop and administer a comprehensive dashboard of key performance metrics (for both the Landlord and tenant controlled areas) for Georgia Institute of Technology occupancy

Monitor and oversight of Georgia Institute of Technology access and use of common area amenities including building conference rooms, collaborative cores, rooftop recreation areas

Work with CODA Community Manager to welcome, educate and orient new occupants to the Building including coordination of security access, available amenities

Develop and administer an annual operating budget for Georgia Institute of Technology’s occupancy including rental payments, additional rent payments, operating expenses, above standard expenses, Georgia Institute of Technology user group chargebacks, income proceeds from Pilot Bonds and moves/adds and changes. Insure landlord’s common area billing, service and maintenance billings and others billings are reasonable and appropriate and resolve conflicts when they are not. Insure all rental and other payments made by Georgia Institute of Technology to Landlord are accurate and in accordance with the lease.

Collaborate with Georgia Institute of Technology researchers and coordinate with Landlord for access to research data from the Integrated Facility Management Platform for advanced research in building performance and diagnostics and use of the complex as a Living Lab

Collaborate with Community Services function in the areas of event coordination, community engagement, content curation for the diGeorgia Institute of Technology al wall within the Living room

In conjunction with OIT, monitor the performance of the Data Center operator conformance to Service Level Agreements negotiated in the lease

Assist Georgia Institute of Technology’s Program Manager and Project manager in review and acceptance of tenant spaces that are in compliance with base building requirements and are fully commissioned, including full test and balance pursuant to the leases

Assist Georgia Institute of Technology’s selected move management consultant and team with the initial move in and coordination of communications with the occupants of CODA


Degrees required for this job: bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience

Degrees preferred:  BS

Years of experience required for this job:  Ten to twelve years job related experience

Certifications or licenses required for this job: None

Certifications or licenses preferred: Real estate salespersons license, CCCIM certification or equivalent

 SPECIALIZED SKILLS:  Strong experience in dealing with contractors and service providers. Confidence in handing difficult people and situations. Excellent communication, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Attention to detail. Proven record of performance. Skills in leasing, negotiations, property management, and real estate. Skills in real estate accounting and landlord/tenant relations.

Job Functions

  • Academic
  • Portfolio Management
  • Property Management

Job Sectors

  • Government/Education
  • Office


10+ to 15 years

This job is no longer active.

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