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Keller Augusta Partners

Assistant Director, Property Management

Full Time
Real Estate Field
  • Property Management
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United States

This job is no longer active.


  • The Property Manager (PM) works with the Executive VP (EVP) out of our main office in Purchase NY to oversee the management of the entire portfolio of retail and office/industrial properties and assists in supervising the field office Property Managers
  • Note that our organization also has three property managers/supervisors that work out of remote offices located in South Plainfield NJ, Trumbull CT and Middletown NY.  As mentioned above, the PM will work with the field office Property Managers to guide/advise/support the decisions they make throughout their work day.
  • This position coordinates many aspects of the comings and goings of tenants, works with our Legal Department, makes and enforces agreements with tenants, vendors and municipalities.
  • Works to attain financial performance goals of the portfolio by controlling costs and conforming to approved budgets.
  • Responsible for recognizing value when buying improvements and services.
  •  The PM supports acquisition, leasing and re-financing activities by providing financial/budget analysis and assist the EVP in contracting for various engineering, environmental and municipal approvals services.
  • Assist with the department’s billing/collections functions, as needed, through supportive analysis and tenant correspondence.
  • Most of our properties are within driving distance of our Purchase NY and South Plainfield NJ offices.  However, some travel to the more remote locations will be required.


Daily Tasks:

  • Communicate with field office property managers to discuss current issues/problems/proposals/priorities, etc.
  • Communicate with service contractors and any outside management companies to discuss various issues, problems, etc. at remote locations.
  • Review and approve building, property maintenance and repair proposals
  • Monitor budgets and costs for each property within the portfolio throughout the year
  • Respond to complaints and tenant requests for repairs
  • Respond to complaints by neighboring property owners
  • Respond to municipal violation notices and work to have them cured by Landlord or Tenant as applicable.
  • Research lease agreements to determine responsibility for various needed repairs.  Quite often, this is done as a result of an inquiry by a field office PM.
  • Real Estate Tax Bills – responsible for receiving, logging, scanning & reviewing the real estate tax bills for all locations.  This includes contacting tax assessors to explain changes in value.  Bills are scanned and then coded and scheduled for timely payment.  Receipted tax bills are then scanned for use by all departments.
  • Review and approve bills for major projects.  Update Major Projects budget throughout the year
  • Responsible for final review and approval of all invoices to by paid by the property owners, including bills not approved by this department.  Monitor line item budgets all year long as each invoice is approved.  Prepare budget change orders for approval, as needed.
  • Supervise the delivery of tenant spaces, transfer of utilities, fulfillment of pre-possession requirements by tenant (insurance certificates, transfer of utilities, required permits, etc.).
  • Work with the EVP and/or field office PM’s to provide the Leasing Department with Landlord’s Work (Tenant Improvements) budgets for prospective tenant transactions

Monthly Tasks:

  • At various times throughout the year, support the bidding and awarding of maintenance and service contracts for landscaping, common area cleaning, janitorial services, building and/or parking lot security, snow removal and building elevator/mechanical systems.
  • Review and approve service contracts and bids obtained by the field office PM’s prior to sending these along to the Executive VP for signature.
  • Develop specifications, in conjunction with the EVP and/or the Construction Department, for major capital improvement projects occurring throughout the year.  This includes roof replacements, major site improvements (paving, concrete, etc.) and the overhaul of building systems.
  • Verify compliance with contract specifications through personal site visits or by arranging inspections by co-workers or outside consultants.
  • Assist in qualifying outside consultants (roofing specialists, architects, engineers, etc.) to aid in developing the specifications for select major projects.  Also utilize these specialists to monitor projects, particularly those in remote (i.e. non-Metro New York) locations.  Supervise/manage these consultants in order to control costs and bring about the outcome the property owners expect from the consultant’s involvement.
  • Supervise the billing of outside partners/property owners for tenant and capital improvement projects.
  • Arrange for move-out inspections, restoration budgets and the performance of restoration work by tenant and/or landlord
  • Review property condition/status reports provided by service contractors in remote locations (upstate NY, VA, MD, TN, VT & OH).

Quarterly & Annual Tasks

  • Work with the leasing department and field office PM’s to develop operating budgets for all locations.  Responsible for final review of all operating budgets prior to submission to the property owners for approval.  This work is shared between the EVP and PM.
  • Work with the EVP and PM’s to develop a Major (Capital) Projects Budget which is presented to the company CEO and President in April of each year.
  • Variance analysis: At the end of each trimester (April 30, August 31, December 31) review the cash flow of each property in the portfolio and provide a written report of budgeted vs. actual Income and Expense variances.  This work is shared between the EVP and PM.
  • Attend all variance review meetings with the company CEO, President and CFO.
  • Review and revise, where necessary, our contract forms (both service contracts and paving/roofing/other major project contracts) to better conform with changing industry standards and insurance requirements.


Required Educational Background:

  • 4-year college degree

Required Work Experience:

  • 3-8 years of property management experience, commercial preferred
  • Some background in construction management and/or general contracting is helpful although not required

Required Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Ability to research and interpret legal documents (leases, contracts)
  • Strong written communication skills.  The ability to compile a lot of information into a succinct letter or memorandum.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook
  • Ability to schedule tasks and arrange follow-up
  • Some knowledge of construction, building systems, equipment and methods used by our maintenance and repair contractors.
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • During the interview process, candidates will be expected to demonstrate both their writing ability and proficiency in using Excel.

Job Function

  • Property Management

Job Sector

  • Retail


5+ to 7 years

This job is no longer active.

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