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American Asians for Equality (AAFE)

Director of Real Estate Development

Full Time
Real Estate Field
  • Development
New York
Postal Code
United States

This job is no longer active.



  • Real Estate Leadership: Provide day-to-day leadership to the ongoing management and operations of AAFE s entire Real Estate portfolio consisting of real estate development, rehabilitation and asset management. They will apply their significant experience in underwriting affordable housing and in securing Federal, State and local financing, preferably in New York State, City and its Boroughs. They will lead public/private partnerships and complex affordable housing projects from the initiation phase through to completion. He/she will design, implement and manage an extensive real estate portfolio and assets (including overseeing underwriting and funding relationships, processes and sources) and leading a high-performing team of real estate and banking professionals responsible for multiple programs and services including: affordable housing and commercial development projects, property management and tenant services and housing policy and advocacy. They will actively further AAFE s mission of strengthening the communities that AAFE s serves via affordable housing, community and commercial developments. They will provide input and leadership to AAFE s strategic mission, vision and values.
  • Extensive Real Estate Knowledge to Lead the RE Function: Reporting to and serving as a strategic partner to AAFE s Co-Executive Director s and its Board and as a member of the Senior Leadership Team, the Director of Real Estate Development will lead initial planning, financing and funding of real estate projects through to the end of construction completion, including vacant and occupied building rehabilitation, new construction, multi- family rental, mixed-use buildings and community facilities. They will provide counsel to AAFE leadership on managing and growing AAFE s Real Estate portfolio, assets and function and ensuring full compliance with all necessary federal, state and city regulations and requirements.
  • Strategy and Implementation: Partner with AAFE leadership to create and implement the new strategic vision and direction for AAFE s real estate portfolio and assets for both existing and future real estate holdings and assets. They will apply their knowledge, expertise and experience to identifying and overseeing key public/private partnerships for AAFE. In order to add value to this core part of AAFE s enterprise they will direct all staff who works on real estate and in managing architects, engineers, consultants, contractors and tenants during pre-development through to the end of project construction completion. They will also actively manage RE project closings, working with attorneys, title companies, banks, city agencies and any others key to bringing projects to a successful close.
  • Property Management: Direct the property management office to transition housing development projects to asset management. Work with marketing and tenant selection for vacant housing units partnering with the marketing team. Drive analysis of potential development sites for land-use, site capacity, target populations, program elements and financial feasibility. They will write funding proposals for housing and community development projects.
  • Real Estate Administration: Ensure accurate and up-to-date record-keeping for Real Estate Project financings, from pre-development financing, construction phase requisitions, post-completion permanent conversion, and prepare records and data for reporting to the Co-Executive Directors, the Board and senior staff as needed.
  • Real Estate Portfolio Communication: Create, recommend and implement agendas and keep minutes for Board Real Estate Committee Meetings and provide on-going updates regarding AAFE s Real Estate portfolio and assets to the Co-Executive Directors and the Board as necessary. Represent AAFE as an organization and for all of its key Real Estate projects, holdings and assets at public meetings, presentations, partner agencies and financing institutions under the direction of the Co-Executive Directors and the Board.
  • Coaching: Coach, counsel, and be a sounding board to all AAFE employees who work on real estate projects across AAFE. Provide them an effective support system to share their concerns and to get advice on solving problems coming out of the work they do on a daily basis to support real estate and all of the various aspects of this work for AAFE.
  • Physical Environment: Work closely with the Co-Executive Director s and the Director of HR to ensure that the physical work environment and space creates and reinforces the most up-to-date work spaces and approaches that foster increased communication and collaboration among all AAFE staff located in multiple locations. Coordinate and contribute to company-wide events adding value and substance as a senior member of AAFE s staff.

Job Functions

  • Asset Management
  • Development
  • Community Development

Job Sectors

  • Alternative Investments
  • Residential
  • Government/Education
  • Industrial
  • Office


10+ to 15 years

This job is no longer active.

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