Banking & Mortgage Jobs

Many real estate lenders will specialize by loan size and even by property type. These loans can come from several different sources depending on the specialization. Residential mortgages typically originate from community banks. Commercial real estate mortgages are typically much larger in size and may originate from private investment companies, commercial banks, mortgage REITs, insurance companies, pension funds, and investment banks. Mortgage bankers are typically paid in one of two ways, either by salary with a bonus, or most commonly based on the dollar amount and quantity of loans they originate or sell. Some mortgage lenders and bankers spend most of their time in front of the client selling mortgage packages, guiding clients through the application process, and assisting at the closing table. Others spend most of their time behind the scenes processing applications, determining credit quality, and underwriting the asset. Still others work in the secondary market, where they sell the completed loans to investment banks and other institutions that package loans together and sell the income stream as bonds to investors.

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Job Title / Description Company Location Posted
Invesco TX-Dallas 7/28/15
Colony American Finance CA-Irvine 7/28/15
The Richman Group MN-St. Paul 7/28/15
Plum, Inc. CA-San Francisco 7/23/15
Colorado Business Bank CO-Denver 7/21/15
Spring11 LLC GA-Atlanta 7/21/15
TIAA-CREF NY-New York 7/15/15
TIAA-CREF NY-New York 7/15/15
The Situs Companies CA-Los Angeles 7/9/15
The Situs Companies NY-new York 7/9/15