Leisure & Entertainment Real Estate Jobs

The leisure and entertainment sector within real estate is a very niche segment. It is extremely specialized and very fragmented. Most owners and operators will specialize with a certain property type or sub-sector such as golf courses, amusement parks, sports complexes or resorts. Often times there is a hotel component that may accompany these types of properties that is either managed by the owner of the property or most likely managed by a third party operator. Some of the most well-known companies operating in this segment are Starwood Hotels & Resorts as well as Hilton Hotels Corporation. REITs are also very active in this sector. Opportunities within this sector encompass the typical job spectrum from property managers, portfolio managers, acquisitions, dispositions, financing, and development, but any job in leisure and entertainment will require a unique knowledge of the very unique assets within this sector.

Information on this page provided courtesy of Cornell University Baker Program in Real Estate