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Mixed-Use real estate is simply the location of multiple uses in one development, one building or combination of buildings. While Mixed-Use real estate has become a hot topic in commercial development, it is not a new concept in the US. Nearly every small downtown across America has a main street with offices or retail below and housing units above. The concept is coming to the forefront again with the New Urbanist movement and the drive for sustainability. Suburban sprawl and personal vehicles have allowed development to happen in areas farther and farther from residences. The Mixed-Use or "Smart Growth" design is driven by "walk-ability", which is the idea of creating a higher density development with office, retail, dining and housing within walking distance of each other, eliminating the dependency on cars. Often times, these developments are located within close proximity to public transportation such, as bus-lines and commuter rails, in which case they are termed Transit-Oriented Developments or TODs.

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Job Title / Description Company Location Posted
Choice Hotels International MD-Rockville 10/21/16
Trimont Real Estate Advisors GA-Atlanta 10/20/16
Rockfeld Group NY-New York 10/20/16
Knox-Henderson TX-dallas 10/18/16
Vanke USA CA-San Francisco 10/18/16
Confidential NY-Brooklyn 10/17/16
Acadia Realty Trust IL-Chicago 10/17/16
Kitson & Partners FL-FORT MYERS 10/17/16
Pine Street Inn MA-Boston 10/17/16
Urban Smart Growth CA-Los Angeles 10/17/16