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  • Type: Private
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The Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate is a platform for a high-quality real estate educational experience at Columbia Business School. For both those already attuned to a career in real estate and for those first considering one, the Center will be a focal point of activity. In addition to delivering a top-ranked MBA real estate program, they have an active agenda outside of the-classroom. They offer programming designed to bring students, faculty, alumni, and distinguished professionals together to share information, strengthen networks, and expand industry expertise. They have a large network of engaged alumni who are committed to enhancing your educational experience. The Center is continually building substantive linkages with the other related programs and centers at the Business School to serve your diverse and evolving interests.

Core Focus

Master of Business Administration, Real Estate Program

Program Highlights

The MBA Real Estate Program builds upon the strengths of Columbia Business School’s top-ranking MBA program, providing students an unparalleled opportunity to expand their entrepreneurial skills while focusing on real estate finance and investment management.

As real estate is both a physical and a financial product, with transactions taking place in local space as well as global asset markets, the MBA Real Estate Program emphasizes an interdisciplinary blend of theory and practice, providing students with not only solid real estate fundamentals, but also critical thinking, complex problem-solving, and both written and oral communication skills.

Please note that only students admitted to the MBA program are eligible to take courses in the Real Estate program.


*This information is based on the school's 2017/2018 program and may not reflect changes, updates or deletions to the programs.