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The Kellogg School’s Real Estate Program is designed to ensure that students are ready to meet any challenge. The comprehensive curriculum gives students the knowledge and adaptability they’ll need to excel in high-level professional and managerial careers in the industry.

The program addresses all aspects of real estate development — social, economic and financial. The courses are taught by leading scholars and distinguished practitioners with significant experience in development, finance, planning and law.

Core Focus

MBA In Real Estate

Program Highlights

In addition to their classroom activities, students have many opportunities to interact with real estate professionals. By combining classroom and experiential learning, the program ensures that each student receives a firm analytical foundation and an applied bridge to professional practice. Kellogg Real Estate students participate in an annual real estate conference, competitions between leading business and professional real estate schools around the country, class project competitions, project site visits, the Real Return Newsletter, professional development and career networking programs.

The impact of real estate extends far beyond bricks and mortar. The field offers diverse and promising opportunities, whether students wish to form a startup development company or join a globally integrated real estate firm. Recent graduates have taken positions in development, finance, investments, consultancy, residential and commercial mortgage lending, as well as analyst and management positions with REITs, life insurance companies, and investment advisory firms.


*This information is based on the school's 2017/2018 program and may not reflect changes, updates or deletions to the programs.