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The Center's mission is to foster and develop aspiring real estate professionals. They offer rigorous coursework, co-curricular activities, a personalized approach to networking and mentorship, and hands-on learning experiences in a top business school. Students graduate knowing they're prepared to make a positive impact. Their employer network hires nearly every graduate of our program—perhaps its most important validation.

The program provides both undergraduate, MS and MBA students with opportunities to earn a degree with an emphasis in real estate. Undergraduates complete 18 credit hours of real estate classes and an internship program. The one-year MS program offers two tracks: Asset and Development Management. MBA students complete 18 credit hours of real estate classes to receive a degree with an emphasis in real estate.

Core Focus

Undergraduate Real Estate Certificate
MS in Real Estate
MBA Real Estate Track
MBA in Real Estate Development

Program Highlights

The MS Real Estate program provides an in-depth education for students interested in a career in the real estate industry. The twelve-month program offers extensive coursework and an application of materials, preparing students for a range of job opportunities. The program incorporates experiential learning and a multitude of opportunities for students to interact with industry leaders in classes and in events sponsored by the CU Real Estate Center.

The Real Estate track in the Leeds MBA program is unlike any in the nation in its commitment to student development and career placement. We are defined by our personalized approach to career services, by our network of industry leaders, and by the depth and ambition of our curriculum. We build and nurture connections—sound relationships are paramount to the success of our industry. We foster alliances that make our business environment better.

Along with the core business MBA curriculum and a real estate heavy course load, Real Estate Development Management students will take graduate classes in CU-Boulder's School of Engineering. Training in project management, design development, and legal issues round out the curriculum and provide students with a more comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry. The track culminates with student participation in the Colorado Chapter of the NAIOP competition. This real-world competition tests students' ability to dynamically synthesize responses to issues faced in site development.

Undergraduate is where real growth, real opportunity, and real estate all come together in Colorado. The real estate program provides students with exposure to the concepts, tools, and techniques necessary for entry-level positions. It prepares students for a real estate career by exploring the link between real estate and capital markets, developing real estate decision-making skills, and analyzing real estate opportunities. Our curriculum is an integrated process designed to prepare students for real estate careers in today's business environment.


*This information is based on the school's 2017/2018 program and may not reflect changes, updates or deletions to the programs.