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Real Estate Administration Jobs

The backbone of all Real Estate companies...
Real estate administration is often the core link between a company's various divisions. It ensures efficient communication of information from one department to the other and maintains the professionalism and productivity of an organization. Main responsibilities in real estate administration relates to the performance of all departments, where duties can range from real estate assistant front desk receptionists and secretaries, to office management, to leasing administrator, to the maintenance of the company's asset management strategy. A real estate administrator can be a common link between senior executives to real estate analysts and between accounting departments to the financial investments team. They are the pillar of support for all organizations and companies, where their tasks ultimately relate back to the rest of the departments to realize their respective goals.

Role / Company Location Posted
PresidentSustainable Northwest Portland, OR Jul 9, 2024
Facilities Contracts SpecialistASCPL Akron, OH Jun 13, 2024
Project AssistantThor Equities New York, NY Jun 11, 2024

The Future of Real Estate Office Admin

There is an evolution of new technology and apps related to real estate office jobs and tasks. However, there will still be a need for skilled admins and assistants to use them. If anything, new technology will generate higher efficiencies in the duties of administration and administrators must be up to speed with these applications. Furthermore, this creates a demand for administrators to encompass a wider array of responsibilities in companies to continually improve the performance of their organization. There will always be those that act behind the scenes to maintain the productivity of the front lines. As a long term career choice, real estate admins are here to stay.


Skills Required

  • Attention to detail
  • Office Management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Administrative software and IT
  • Organizational skills

Industry Qualifications

  • College Degree in Business, Real Estate (Minimum)
  • Master’s Degree in Real Estate or MBA preferred
  • BOMI: Real Property Administrator (RPA) Designation
  • BOMI: Property Administrator Certificate (PAC)