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The fundamental process of every development... The field of construction specializes in all the in and outs of operations in the actual construction of the real estate and will involve in personnel management at the site. For example, the work will relate to ensuring that materials are delivered according to schedule and that all required tools are available on the work site. This leads to the administration of the construction budget while requesting any needed work order changes and make decisions as to building practices in compliance with building codes. Positions in this field can also be responsible for meeting with consultants, clients, engineers and inspectors to ensure a smooth construction process. They will be highly involved in the day-to-day activities at the construction sites during the construction phase and will work closely with project managers.

Role / Company Location Posted
Vice President of ConstructionBeach City Capital Hermosa Beach, CA Feb 18, 2020
President- ConstructionLexington Partners LLC Hartford, CT Feb 14, 2020
Construction ManagerGannett Fleming, Inc. Los Angeles, CA Feb 13, 2020
Construction Project ManagerAbacus Capital Group LLC Denver, CO Feb 12, 2020
Project Manager/Owner's RepresentativeFore Property Co Los Gatos, CA Feb 6, 2020
Construction Manager - Life ScienceLocal Capital Group Alameda, CA Feb 3, 2020
Construction ManagerBeach City Capital Management Hermosa Beach, CA Jan 31, 2020
Construction ManagerJamestown Atlanta, GA Jan 31, 2020
Senior Construction ManagerHines San Francisco, CA Jan 30, 2020
Head of Tenant ConstructionKeller Augusta Partners Philadelphia, PA, Sewell, NJ, or Long Island, NY, NJ Jan 28, 2020

Looking to the future

Construction managers will always be in need in the future as a fundamental aspect of real estate development or redevelopments as an essential supervisor of the everyday construction process. As construction technologies advance, it is useful for construction managers to familiarize themselves with new techniques to ensure a continual smooth construction phase. It is also good to note that new construction can be heavily dependent on the real estate market. As new supply of real estate begin to saturate, developers might halt their activities depending on the sales they can get at completion of the construction, which, depends on where the real estate cycle is at any given point in time.


Skills Required

  • Effective Communication
  • Organization
  • Budgeting Skills
  • Leadership and Management
  • Microsoft Project, Primavera

Professional Reading and Resources

  • "Development Magazine"
  • "CM eJournal"
  • "CM Advisor"
  • "Construction Executive"
  • "Constructor Magazine"

Industry Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree in Construction Management, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Business, Real Estate
  • Masters Degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Real Estate
  • CCM: Certified Construction Manager designation from the Construction Manager Certification Institute
  • CDP: Certified Development, Design, and Construction Professional by ICSC
  • LEED AP: LEED Accredited Professional designation from the USGBC

Top Companies

  • Bechtel
  • Fluor Corporation
  • The Turner Corporation
  • CB&I LLC