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  • Degree(s): Undergraduate


Investment—from securities to real estate to bonds—is the heart of the global economy. There is a strong demand for professionals who can understand the laws that govern businesses as well as those who can maximize wealth and forecast market trends. Those who study in the Finance, Real Estate and Law Department will receive a comprehensive understanding of financial markets, business law and government contracting. While the career paths may be different within the department, FRL faculty members are committed to helping every student become a financial leader.

Core Focus

BS degree in Finance, Real Estate and Law

Program Highlights

The Finance, Real Estate and Law Department (FRL) provides a program for individuals interested in careers in finance, real estate and law or in related fields in private or public organizations. The FRL curriculum provides the student with theory and practical application through hands-on learning in the polytechnic tradition. The overarching goal is to prepare people-oriented leaders who can advance in the business world. Students select one of the two emphasis areas that best meets their career objectives: (1) Finance and Real Estate, or (2) Business Law and Contract Management.

The Finance emphasis offers courses on the theory and methods of financial analysis and valuation, corporate financial management, the management of financial institutions, securities analysis, and multinational finance. The Real Estate emphasis focuses on real estate brokerage, mortgage lending, residential and commercial appraising, and real property investment/development.


*This information is based on the school's 2017/2018 program and may not reflect changes, updates or deletions to the programs.