Mays' Real Estate program integrates the study of business and real estate. The school integrates the studies of real estate and business through a broad curriculum including accounting finance law and a professional internship. The school is affiliated with Real Estate Center the nation's largest publicly funded organization devoted to real estate research. Most of the Center's $2 million in annual funding comes from real estate license fees paid by more than 140000 professionals. The Center's staff conducts research on financial socioeconomic public policy trade legal land use and local market analysis issues related to real estate.

Core Focus:

  • Master of Real Estate

Program Highlights:

The master’s programs help students advance their careers and get a leg up on their peers. Students master knowledge in a wide range of business disciplines, develop new skills through high-impact learning experiences and learn to leverage the power of the global Aggie Network. The Master of Real Estate Program at Mays Business School at Texas A&M is ranked as the #4 Real Estate Program in the U.S

Program Highlights:
•16-month program with diverse course structure
•Enrichment opportunities
•100% job placement record
•Access to industry leaders
•Access to best practices research through the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University

Source: http://mays.tamu.edu/master-of-real-estate/

*This information is based on the school's 2016/2017 program and may not reflect changes, updates or deletions to the programs.