The University of Baltimore’s undergrad program in Real Estate and Economic Development (REED) is the only one of its kind in Maryland, designed to prepare graduates for careers in real property.  The many fields included in this program are: development, appraisal, federal, state and local governments, secondary mortgage markets, banking, real estate investment, property management, commercial lending, economic development and land use and planning.

Core Focus:

Undergrad Degree in Real Estate and Economic Development (REED)

Program Highlights:

University of Baltimore’s Real Estate and Economic Development program provides students with a background in many areas. Whether a student wants to follow a public or private path in the broad fields of real estate, the program has classes in all areas. Students can gain knowledge from industry professionals in all fields through internships, the mentor program, class speakers, and events.

Source: http://www.ubalt.edu/merrick/undergraduate-programs/real-estate-and-economic-development/

*This information is based on the school's 2016/2017 program and may not reflect changes, updates or deletions to the programs.